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December 6, 2011

President's Choice Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese Chips

In case you missed it, my favorite podcast, The Morning Stream, I listen to every Monday through Thursday, has been doing foreign food testing, which listeners have been sending them food to try on the show. They've been doing it now for about 2 months, and being the food lover I am, I am thoroughly enjoying this segment of the show. So, I decided to track every food they tried, and what the consensus was on the food, and where you can buy it. You can view this here.

These chips come from Canada, and cost a fortune to ship, more than the chips themselves! I ordered them from this website in case you wish to order them for yourself. They are pretty expensive to ship, but they are pretty good. They have a great spicy, tangy flavor, just like you're eating buffalo wings and blue cheese dressing. They look like Ruffles, and would probably be great with some kind of sour cream dip. They're pretty big bags, and I ordered 3, and I've only gone through most of one so far. If you like buffalo wings, and feel like paying a lot in shipping, get these! So tasty and better than many of the chips in the store at the moment. The downside was that they hadn't been packed tight in the box, and almost all the chips are in small pieces. Tasty pieces!

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