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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me

I view this site as not only an inside look at how I change as a foodie and photographer, but also how I change as a person. My skills and interests evolve and transform as time goes on. That's why I named this Evolution of a Foodie, because of my interest in anthropology, but also because this would be an evolutionary journey of myself as a twenty-something growing up and learning about who I am. My likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, and preferences.

I have always loved helping my mom in the kitchen when I was younger, and once I moved away for school, I still loved being in the kitchen and cooking for my friends and boyfriend, B. I enjoyed going out and trying new restaurants, and once I moved into my own place with my boyfriend we would always try new eateries and I was always cooking a new recipe. Between busy times at school, I would try to make a meal plan for the week and get all the groceries for the recipes I had planned. 

I've recently become a subscription box addict, especially when so many offer free trials, I say why not? I was hesitant at first to add non-food related box reviews to this blog, but I've seen how popular they are and I believe I have an interesting take on them as someone who has never been big into makeup or clothes. I've spent most of my teens and adult life makeup-less and despising shopping. So, I've included some various beauty and food related subscription box reviews over on that page.

I am now totally, and completely addicted to indie cosmetics. They have become more fun for me than mainstream cosmetics, and with so many great options, I've started reviewing them here. There are a ton of reasons to love indies, and if you have no idea what indie cosmetics are, check out some of my reviews, and see what you're missing!

Hope you enjoy the site, and be sure to follow it and comment where needed! If you have any questions you can contact me.