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March 16, 2014

Homesweet Homegrown Kickstarter Hot Sauce Review

Homesweet Homegrown is a hot sauce company who crowd funded their first hot sauce production on Kickstarter. As of now, they are the most funded hot sauce campaign Kickstarter has seen, and I pledged some money for their amazing hot sauce from the get-go.

This took an extremely long amount of time to arrive. Estimated delivery on Kickstarter pledge rewards was October 2013, shipping kept getting delayed, then they started shipments and because of the cold, bottles were freezing and breaking in transit so they had to wait even more time to get these out. Finally I received my tracking info, it was sent USPS Priority 2-Day from Pennsylvania to California and indeed did arrive in 2 days.

Here's what I received from my $35 pledge:

Hot Sauce 3-Pack - ($16.50 value) I got all three flavors, Aramingo (mango and pineapple habanero-based sauce), Orange Crush (orange habaneros, mellowed out by carrots and citrus), and Punch Drunk (made with ghost peppers, homegrown smoked garlic, Victory Storm King Stout, and raw cacao). I think my favorite is going to be the Punch Drunk, I like it really spicy!

Habanero Salt (small) - ($3.50 value) So great, I can't wait to put this on everything, it's not too hot.

Smoked Ghost Pepper Salt (small) - ($3.50 value) This has a wonderful flavor, I was worried with it being made with ghost peppers that it would be too hot. But it's not it has a wonderful smoky taste, and I can't wait to put this on avocado with toast as a snack.

Bonus Backer Envelope - (~$15) For being a Kickstarter backer, I also received a sticker, a tattoo, 2 e-books (cookbook, and hot pepper growing book), habenero pepper powder sample, a plantable seed paper, and plantable garlic chive paper. Oh hey, this totally didn't arrive with my other items. I've emailed them about it, and so far I've heard nothing. Hoping they can send this my way, because I'd love to check out the books and pepper powder. They have gotten back to me after I messaged them on Facebook, and said they are sending this my way! Yay!

I am estimating how much the bonus was worth, but I paid $35 for this and received about $38.50 in products. I didn't pay extra for the 2 day shipping, so that was nice of them to do. This is including my bonus estimated at $15, but I'm still waiting to hear if I'll be getting that. My invoice said it was included in my package but there was nothing.
Note: They replied to my Facebook message and said they are sending one to me!

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