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May 20, 2015

Angels' Cup Review

Angels' Cup is a coffee tasting subscription, with a tie-in phone app to record your thoughts and notes about each taster. They also offer full bags of coffee to purchase if you enjoyed a particular one you tried in your sampler. They kindly sent me this subscription to review.

Here are the sample bags of coffee when they arrive. I thought the design of the packaging was very nice and I like that you can kind of blind test them if you wish. You just match up the number on the bag with the number on the info card of the ones you received.

Here's the info card with more about each coffee you are tasting, with the notes and where it came from.

I ground these beans up very fine and used them to make espresso. Probably not the wisest choice for these particular beans, but I find that it's easier for me to pick out the notes doing it this way.

#0111 or Spotted Cow Coffee Co. Ethiopia Aramo - 

#0112 or Spotted Cow Coffee Co. Kenya Kamwangi Peaberry -

These two were from the same roasters, which was interesting. Usually with coffee subscriptions you either try only one roaster, or several. But with this subscription it appears you try from only two roasters, four coffees total. B and I thought #0111 was definitely fruity, but a very light roast. It was probably our least favorite, I don't tend to enjoy fruity lightly roasted beans.

#0112 was much darker, and more savory than fruity. We liked it more than the first one, but wasn't our favorite of the bunch.

#0113 or Bluebeard Coffee Java Sunda Hejo -

#0114 or Bluebeard Coffee Colombia La Piedra NariƱo -

#0113 was less fruity than #0111 and more balanced. Still a fairly light roast though. We found #0114 to be a bit different, but probably the best of the bunch. It was a bit sweet with caramel undertones.

Overall, I found the coffees that came in this box to be not all that different. It was hard to tell differences from two coffees from the same roaster. And while other beans I've tried from other coffee subscriptions were more suited to making espresso with, I found these were not. We enjoyed #0114 the most, probably because it's from Colombia, I find those to be some of my favorites, but it still didn't stand out as something I'd purchase on my own. And this could be because we made espresso with it, I think these all would be better suited to just making regular coffee with. They do also ask if you would like your beans whole or ground, so if you aren't a hardcore coffee taster, and don't have a grinder, they can take care of that for you. Not many coffee subscriptions will do ground beans for you, so that's a nice feature.

Angels' Cup is $7.99 for four tastings, with free shipping in the US. Each tasting is enough for one cup, and their free mobile app makes it easy to jot down notes while you're tasting. It's a great way for coffee beginners or veterans to have something new to try, and discover new favorites. Subscribe weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly here.

What did you think of Angels' Cup? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for review purposes. This is my honest review.

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