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May 20, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: Hello Ashleyann Prints Review

Hello Ashleyann Prints is the featured planner sticker shop this week, and they carry quite a few items including monthly color kits, inserts, and printables. They were one of the few shops that had strips with social media icons on them that were very small, so I mainly wanted to try those out when I ordered!

Each sticker came in it's own plastic sleeve which looked very nice for presentation. Also makes it nice if you are ordering a few as gifts, as they can be nicely kept in their own sleeves. All of the stickers in this shop are matte, but you can add on a glossy upgrade.

Mini Arrows Stickers -

I don't see these in the shop anymore, but I wanted some small arrows to denote when I had to move something to the next day. And with the variety of pastels it was easy to match whatever color theme I was going with that particular week.

Pink Half Square Checklist Stickers -

These are available all year round I believe, and they fit in half of the Erin Condren boxes. Most half boxes have fewer than 5 lines, so these were great if I wanted to take up less space, but still had a few things to do. I also used these sometimes in the weekly to do section so I had more spots for to-dos.

To Do Rectangle Stickers -

These fit over the morning/day/night headers and were great because I have a checklist every single day.

April Planner Kit - 

It doesn't look like these full kits are available anymore, instead you can purchase a few different kinds of sheets in the monthly colors. I thought all of these were cute and very functional, but I did notice that neither colors were very close to the actual Erin Condren colors. The blue especially was way off, so if that bothers you, I wouldn't get monthly stickers from this shop. They may have gotten better since I ordered though.

Facebook Social Media Stickers

YouTube Social Media Stickers -

Instagram Social Media Stickers -

I wanted small skinny stickers for social media tasks, but also that spanned the entirety of the planner boxes so I could write on them as well. These are great if you're looking for something like that, and they are small enough to fit inside the lines at the bottom of each day. They also carry Wordpress stickers for blogging, these were great and easy to peel up and move if you need to.

And here were some free samples I received with my order. I always like getting a bit of variety with the free samples so I can try out other stickers the shop carries, and possibly be tempted to purchase more if I like them.

Overall, I like the stickers from Hello Ashleyann Prints, but I don't know how much I cared for the matte paper they use. It seemed very thin and not as high quality as some other shops I've tried. I think if I were to order again I would definitely upgrade to the glossy paper. I didn't much care for the monthly kits, because like I said I didn't think the colors matched the Erin Condren planner even closely. They were completely off, but if that doesn't bother you, the kits had some cute and useful stickers in them. But the social media stickers were great, I just didn't find myself using them as much as I had hoped. But if you're looking for a good social media sticker that doesn't take up too much room, these were perfect I think.

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