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May 31, 2014

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Game Day Box Spoilers!

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Game Box spoilers are here! Even though we didn't get a chance to see the spoilers before the mystery boxes disappeared from Julep at least you don't have to wait until they slowly make their way to your house to know what's in them!

These will be slowly rolling in throughout the week as we see each new box, so keep checking back! I'll update this as I find them! And note, I'm only going to make the collages with the polishes because a lot of the products aren't available for purchase on Julep, so if you want to know more about a product, just click the link if there is one!

UPDATED: With all boxes!

All prices for items currently not available for purchase on Julep are estimated. Thus, total values are mostly estimates.

Mystery Box #1 Polishes: TarynLizanne, and Diane
Mystery Box #1 - ($143 value/$40 Maven price)
Minty Green Bag - (~$20 *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Taryn - ($14/$11.20 Maven *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Lizanne - ($14/$11.20 Maven)

Diane($14/$11.20 Maven)

Freedom Polymer Top Coat - ($18/$14.40 Maven)

Rock Star Hand Cream - ($20/$16 Maven)

Glycolic Hand Scrub - ($23/$18.40 Maven)

Moisture Mask Trio - ($20/$16 Maven)

Total Value:
($143/$118.40 Maven)

Mystery Box #2 Polishes: Sabrina, Stella, and Ingrid
Mystery Box #2 - ($144 value/$40 Maven price) 
Sequin Clutch - (~$20 *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Peach Bellini Glow Blush - ($24/$19.20 Maven)

Blush Brush - ($24/$19.20 Maven)

Blotting Papers - ($5? *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Eyelash Curler - ($20? *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Eye Glider Duo - ($9.60/$7.68 Maven) I haven't seen the spoiler photo, but I guess this is just two random colors from the mini set.

Sabrina - ($14/$2.99 Sale)

Stella - ($14/$11.20 Maven)

Ingrid - ($14/$11.20 Maven)

Total Value:
($144.60/$116.47 Maven)

Mystery Box #3 Polishes: Whitney, Payton, Nellie, and Nadia
Mystery Box #3 - ($101 value/$25 Maven price)
Bright Hair Twist Bands(~$2 *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil($23/$18.40 Maven)

Rock Star Hand Cream Mini - ($5? *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Color Fan - ($8/$4.99 Sale)

Whitney - ($14/$4.99 Sale)

Payton - ($14/$11.20 Maven)

Nellie - ($14/$11.20 Maven)

Nadia - ($14/$11.20 Maven)

Total Value:
($94/$68.98 Maven)

Mystery Box #4 Polishes: AvaFioreLoisTania, and Barbara
Mystery Box #4 - ($102 value/$25 Maven price)
Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover - ($18/$14.40 Maven)

Cuticle Pusher - ($14/$11.20 Maven)

Ava($14/$11.20 Maven)

Fiore($14/$11.20 Maven)

Lois($14/$11.20 Maven)

Tania($14/$11.20 Maven)

Barbara($14/$11.20 Maven)

Total Value:
($102/$81.60 Maven)

Mystery Box #5 Polishes: TracyClaudette, and Marjorie
Mystery Box #5 - ($102 value/$25 Maven price)
Bare Face Cleansing Oil($28/$22.40 Maven)

Konjac Sponge($12/$9.60 Maven)

Buff Lip Scrub - ($20/$12.99 Sale)

Tracy($14/$11.20 Maven)

Claudette($14/$11.20 Maven)

Marjorie($14/$11.20 Maven)

Total Value:
($102 /$78.59 Maven)

Mystery Box #6 Polishes: Madison
Mystery Box #6 - ($42 value/$15 Maven price)
Mint Condition Pedi Creme -($20/$16 Maven)

Toe Separators(~$2 *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Foot File - ($6/$4.80 Maven)

Madison($14/$11.20 Maven)

Total Value:
($42/$34 Maven)

Mystery Box #7 Polishes: RozMissy, and Kamala
Mystery Box #7 - ($42 value/$15 Maven price)
Roz($14/$11.20 *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Missy($14/$11.20 Maven)

Kamala($14/$11.20 *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Cuticle Sticks - ($2)

Total Value:
($44/$35.60 Maven)

Mystery Box #8 Polishes: Sheila and Abbie
Mystery Box #8 - ($46 value/$15 Maven price)
Oxygen Nail Treatment($18/$14.40 Maven)

Sheila($14/$11.20 Maven)

Abbie($14/$11.20 Maven)

Total Value:
($46/$36.80 Maven)
Mystery Box #9 Polishes: Taylor and Max
Mystery Box #9 - ($30 value/$10 Maven price)
Taylor($14/$11.20 Maven *Note this is not currently available for sale separately*)

Max($14/$11.20 Maven)

Buffer Blocks - ($4/$2 Sale)

Total Value:
($32/$24 Maven)

Mystery Box #10 Polishes: Harriet and Donna
Mystery Box #10 - ($33 value/$10 Maven price)
Harriet($14/$11.20 Maven)

Donna($14/$11.20 Maven)

Emery Board - ($5/$4 Maven)

Total Value:
($33/$26.40 Maven)

What do you think of the Mystery Game Box spoilers? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for posting spoilers! I told myself that I wasn't going to look at this but I did. I am happy though, that none of the boxes that I purchased have been updated yet. I have to say that I am very disappointed with the contents in the other boxes, box #2 especially. I almost purchased box #2 and am glad that I didn't. It seems like Julep picked the least desirable things to go in their mystery boxes. The polishes in box 2 do not look appealing, and they only have 2 additional beauty items (I don't count the blotting papers) for this supposed "makeup centered" box. They didn't even include lip gloss, which is one of their most popular items. The beach box has cute polishes, but I thought that it was supposed to be beach centered. I know that a lot of people bought the beach box hoping for the sea salt texture spray. Also, what does the color fan have to do with the beach? Of course, no one is twisting my arm making me buy these mystery boxes over and over again... What do you think of the boxes so far?

    1. All I can say is I wasn't tempted when they came out, and I'm happy I didn't buy them now. I have held strong and stuck to my guns of not buying the mystery stuff after my disappointment with the Lucky Mystery Boxes. Most of the time the colors are ones I have, or ones I never planned on buying. And the products they send are never ones I really have been wanting, so I'd rather use my money to buy the items I want, without it being a surprise. And you're welcome for the spoilers! They're fun to do :)

    2. I completely agree. I was disappointed by the Miami & Laguna Beach Mystery Boxes, and not very happy with the zag max box. I do believe that the two memorial day mystery boxes that I picked out (#1 and #4) were among the best choices. Although I DO NOT need $20.00 hand creme! Why do they keep sneaking that in? I did get the two things that I was hoping for the most (moisture mask trio and glycolic hand scrub). I'm happy with 3/5 of the polishes in box #4. I am pretty satisfied with my boxes.

    3. Definitely, I'd be happy with most of the products and colors in boxes #1 and #4.

  2. Phew! Ok I bought box #5 and can definitely live with it. Have been anxiously waiting for this spoiler - thanks for posting it!

  3. I cant believe I got sucked in! SO ANNOYED NOW! What the heck kind of beach themed box does not come with the sea salt spray? I paid $25 for an $18 body oil and will literally toss the rest. I refuse to swap the polishes as it will cost me MORE money to mail out the polishes. There is literally nothing else in the box i will use.



    Have I said that before? Probably......... sigh........

    1. Bummer! I'm sorry you didn't get the items you wanted :(

    2. Well if you're just going to toss the rest, I'll happily take it... :-) Sorry you didn't get what you wanted. It's always a gamble.

  4. Very disappointed in box 1. It has value, its nifty, but I literally have 1 1/2 Glycolic right now and just received the masks so I don't know if I like them or not. If I do it will be nice to have extra, but I was hoping for a lot more in the nail polish department. I would have happily taken # 3 or #4

    1. I do also like box #4's polishes. If I had bought that one I think I would have been happy.

  5. Thankfully, I purchased boxes 3 & 4! Overall I am happy with what I received but would be disapointed had I spent $40 on boxes 1 or 2! I did not know what the Sea Salt Spray was, looked it up and think that would have been a great addition. It's the not knowing what is in the boxes that get me everytime!!

    1. Hah it's the not knowing that keeps me from buying! I'm glad you enjoyed what you got though!

  6. Got box #5 and I'm super happy! :-) One of my first mystery boxes from Julep. I expected it to come with masks or some such since the hint was "so fresh and clean"- but I love all three colors, even though I probably wouldn't have bought any of them on my own, and same for the lip scrub! And I definitely wanted to try out the oil cleanser and konjac. That plus using OILPERK to get a free extra oil cleanser made the $25 more than worth it!!

  7. I am a new maven, and ordered three mystery boxes. I got #4, #7, and #9. For me, they are perfect. I haven't owned mail polish in years, and am truly loving the Julep polishes. Out of the 10 polishes I received, there are only two I'm not fond of. Overall, I'd say that's pretty fantastic! Now, to keep from buying more mystery boxes next time. From the sounds of it, I'm pretty darn lucky.

    Do you know if the cuticle sticks came will all of the #7 boxes? I did not get any. As I keep the shredded paper for other packaging, I didn't miss them :-)

    1. I don't know if they were supposed to be included, I know I saw them in at least one box, but Julep seems to be having some packing issues, with missing items and such. It could have been a mistake they were in there, or it could have been a mistake they were left out of your box. Not sure :/

  8. I would just like the take a minute to comment on how amazing the large box is! I mean literally the gift box. It is beautiful and huge. AND HAS A MAGNETIC Flip. My slight disappointment about the box was changed once I did see the polishes in person and saw the gift box that I get to keep all my products in. So efficient.

    1. The boxes this time were really nice! It would be cool if they used these for all their mystery boxes going forward.


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