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April 2, 2012

Jack's Prime and Chao Praya Thai

I went to visit B, and we were kind of not feeling another food truck tour. Plus, he had errands to run, so we found a burger place to have lunch at called Jack's Prime. I ordered the Maytag Blue Ribbon burger with fries. I also ordered some ranch, to dip my fries in, which was very good. I really enjoyed my burger with the sweet caramelized onions, tangy blue cheese, and crisp, crunchy pickles.

B ordered the Angry Cowboy burger, also with fries. He barely let me have bite of his burger, but the small bite that I had was delicious.

B went rock climbing with his friend and then when they were done, we all went to eat next door, at Chao Praya Thai. The restaurant looks like it used to be a house, and they remodeled it to be a restaurant. B and I weren't too hungry, after having a big lunch, but I ordered the spring rolls. B and his friend both got the Pumpkin Curry special with rice. Both were pretty good, but Thai cuisine isn't my absolute favorite foreign cuisine. 

It was a delicious day, and B and I were really surprised by Jack's Prime burger restaurant. We will definitely go back another time.

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