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June 9, 2012

Pizza Bagels with Eggs

We still had some pizza ingredients in the fridge, which are handy to have by the way, so I grabbed some of the asiago bagels we had and decided to do a little pizza bagel with some eggs over the top. I also made some breakfast potatoes again, see my previous post for the recipe. For these bagels, I just toasted them with some grated cheese over the top, in the broiler. Then warmed the tomato sauce in a oven-proof pan, added some herbs and spices to enhance the sauce, like oregano, red pepper flakes and some additional cheese. Make a little well in the tomato sauce, crack the egg into it, and then cover the pan. You can either continue to cook this on the stovetop, or pop it in a preheated oven to cook. Then spoon the eggs and sauce onto each bagel half and enjoy! It's pretty messy and might be easier with a fork and knife!

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  1. A new delish that will surely make my brothers’ mouths water! Since my bros play too much soccer, they would always crash the kitchen and eat whatever is in the fridge after each game. I guess they forget that I’m in a budget! This new goodie will make their day, I am very much assured. I will make it today so they can have something to indulge in instead of finishing off what’s for dinner. Thanks for sharing.


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