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June 29, 2012

Wild Bill's Cheesesteaks

I have been looking at these photos for a while, and debating whether or not I wanted to post this, but I finally decided to. The photos aren't pretty, and *spoiler alert* I didn't really like what I ordered, and with other restaurants in this same shopping center that I like much more, I don't really see a reason to go back to Wild Bill's Cheesesteaks

Anyways, I had heard from co-workers that this place was pretty good, and so I felt the need to go try it out. I ordered the JalapeƱo Poppers, because I had a giant craving for them. They were ok, they were just the same brand you can find in the freezer section of any grocery store. They weren't anything special.

Now, for the sandwich, maybe I just ordered the wrong thing. But I always have cravings for buffalo chicken anything, so I got the Buffalo sandwich with chicken, because steak just didn't seem right. It was ok, but kind of one dimensional in flavor, and the chicken didn't seem like very good quality. I probably should have ordered the classic cheesesteak, but after this meal, I just don't feel the need to make a return trip. The sauce made the bread very soggy, maybe if you eat the food there it's a little less so.

With one of my favorite restaurants being in the same shopping center, Jack's Urban Eats, I don't feel the need to go back to Wild Bill's. : /

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