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July 5, 2012

Ike's Lair and Off the Grid (again!)

B and I had heard about this sandwich shop in Redwood City that had amazing sandwiches. I was a little hesitant, but after finally learning that Ike's Lair is a part of the famous Ike's Place sandwiches that's so popular in San Francisco, I couldn't resist! We went with his brother, and once we finally decided on sandwiches, we sat and waited for them to be made. I ordered this sandwich: 

Honestly I don't remember what the name of this sandwich was, and I can't seem to find it anymore going through the menu. All I remember is that it had red pesto and halal chicken on it, and it was delicious. I got it on dutch crust bread, with everything on it. The other sandwiches were what B and his brother got. Don't remember what the names were either. I meant to save the receipt so I would remember, but I threw that away, convinced that I could find the names later. Nope! Didn't happen. Well anyways, the sandwiches were delicious, and we will go back.

For dinner, we were planning on going to another food truck event put on by the wonderful Off the Grid events. The first truck we tried was Little Green Cyclo. We started off with some of these delicious garlic parmesan fries. 

We also ordered their Sweet Potato Tater Tots with a Spicy Mango Ketchup. These were better than the fries in my opinion, and I really liked the mint the tots were cooked with, and the flavor of the ketchup. Definitely worth getting if you like sweet potato fries.

For a little pick-me-up, I got a Shut Eyes Wide, which is a mix of Vietnamese coffee and Thai Iced Tea. Very good.

Our next truck, was El Sur and we tried the Traditional Empanada and we got to try their yogurt style sauce with it. Both were very good. 

We couldn't resist El Sur's Dulce de Leche filled Churro. There didn't seem to be a lot of dulce de leche in the churro, but the churro was good. Crispy and crunchy, and hot out of the fryer. 

For actual dessert, we couldn't resist the Creme Brûlée Cart. Their menu varies, but I ordered the Banana Hammock, which was a combination of banana and Nutella in creme brûlée form. I really liked this one, and the bruleed sugar was just perfect.

B got the S'mores Creme Brûlée. This one was also very good, but a little harder to eat than mine.

I was still feeling hungry by the end of all this, so I went back over to Little Green Cyclo to get some of their Truffle Oil Garlic Noodles. I got the one with prawns on it, the flavor was pretty good, the prawns were a little tough and overcooked though. Big surprise, but I didn't end up finishing this dish. I overestimated how hungry I was.

All in all, it was a good food adventure day, everything was pretty good overall.

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