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March 18, 2014

Julep Maven Boho Glam Intro Box Review and Promo Code

So I had a great idea to get myself some polishes for cheap. I referred myself for another Julep Maven sub, got the Boho Glam Intro Box, and a few add on polishes to make the shipping free, then used my referral Jules to get the March Bombshell box, because after seeing the March Riviera collection, I liked it a lot more than I had before. If you recall from my first Julep Maven post, I got the It Girl Intro Box, so these would be new colors for my collection!

Here's what the welcome intro box looks like. Lots of info cards included.

Products with more orange buffers as the default bonus item now for intro boxes. 

Aisha - ($14)

Michelle - ($14)

Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum - ($28) I already have one of these from the Cupid's Mystery Box, but I use it everyday and I don't think there's much in there, so it's great to have another.

Here's what I received in my Boho Glam Intro Box:

Aisha - ($14)

Michelle - ($14)

Tracy - ($14) I added this on to my order for $5. I love the sea salt finishes!

Max - ($14) I also added this on for $5 and I've been wanting this polish for a while. Gives your mani a graffiti type look.

Mystery Add On - ($14) In order to get free shipping on this order, I added on a mystery polish, and I was happy to find something I don't have! Isla!

I just noticed they changed the Boho Glam welcome box, so you can no longer get this exact variation. But they have one similar with Michelle and Stevie and the cuticle serum.

Updated 4/21: New Julep Mavens can customize their box as much (or as little) as they like. Sign up for 1 month and pay $24.99/month, or sign up for 3 months and pay only $19.99/month! Take the style quiz and enter FREEBOX at checkout to get your first box free, just pay $4.99 for shipping!

What do you think of this months box? Which collection did you pick? Did you get any add ons? Let me know in the comments!

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Julep Beauty Inc.

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  1. I'm interested in doing the same thing, did you set up a new account with a new address/new card? How did you do it? Thanks!

    1. I just needs to be under a new email address. Everything else can be the same. I actually need to cancel it today, so I'll be calling them to do so.

  2. I was just thinking about doing this, but was worried I would get in "trouble." I don't want to jeopordize my Julep subscription - I'm addicted!

    1. I don't think you'd get in trouble! I cancelled my second sub the other day, (before the Maven window opened, I knew it would be busy once it did) and the lady was very nice, didn't guilt me about it. Just asked the reason, I just said I couldn't afford it, (which is true, can't afford two Maven subs!) and I got the cancellation email right away. You just have to remember to cancel, otherwise it was no big deal!


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