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March 4, 2014

Magnolia Pub and Brewery Restaurant Review

Magnolia Pub and Brewery has been on my "restaurants to try" list for a while now, and I just had an excuse to go there the other day finally. I've had some of their beers before at beer fests and restaurants, so it was great to finally try some from the source.

B and I had a Promised Land Imperial IPA, which is that beer you can see in the photo on the top right. It was great, just the kind of IPA I like, with a big kick in teeth. I ordered their Picnic Chicken Sandwich, which has fried chicken, pickled jalapeƱos, fennel cabbage slaw, onions, fennel honey, and aioli on a torpedo roll. I also got their fries with my order, all of it was delicious. They are famous for their Fried Chicken nights on Thursdays, and I can see why, the fried chicken is wonderful.

B ordered the Denver Steak Sandwich, which I had a bite of, also very good. His brother, J, ordered something that looked much fancier than our sandwiches, which was the Lamb Crepinette, which had couscous, broccoli romanesco, and roasted cipollini onions.

Overall, we really enjoyed Magnolia Pub and Brewery and would definitely go back. The only downside is it's out in the Haight, which is kind of difficult to get to unless you're driving. And then you have to deal with finding parking. We managed to get a spot a few blocks away, and we went out there originally so the boys could go to a hat shop.

If you're looking to take public transit out there, I say it's difficult to get to because no matter where you're coming from, Muni transit doesn't go out there. You have to take a bus. Magnolia Pub and Brewery is located at 1398 Haight St. in San Francisco.

They are currently working on a bigger brewery and restaurant in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco that will have a BBQ food theme. That is supposed to be open this spring, which is very exciting because it's very close to B's current apartment, within walking distance! Look for that Spring of 2014.

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