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April 29, 2014

Rainbow Honey Haul and Mini Sets Review

My first Rainbow Honey haul! I used the IPSY25 code on this order to get 25% off the whole thing, and it came with a few free items. I bought mostly their mini sets because I love how cute and small the bottles are, it gives me a bigger variety of colors for a smaller price, and if I end up really loving a certain color I can always buy the full size. Let's check out what I got!

Poffin Party - ($10) This was the April LE edition polish that comes free with a $50+ order. Every month they feature a different LE color that you can purchase, or get with this deal. I like the colorful-ness of this one, but surprisingly the problem I had with it, was that it wasn't thick enough. Normally that's not a problem you have with polish, or even glitter polish. Usually it's too thick. But with Poffin Party you have to fish for the glitter. It's not thick enough to stick to the brush. It is fun though, great for Spring.

The Sweet Talk Collection Mini
Be Mine - This one is a baby pale pink with microshimmer in it. Very opaque, only needs two coats.

Sweet Talk - I am really liking these white base crellies lately, this one has red, purple, and baby blue matte glitter in it.

XOXO - A nice glitter top coat, with red and pink glitters. 

Lovebug - Another white crelly but this one has pink flowers and blue hearts.

Cutie Pie - Glitter top coat with pink and purple circular matte glitters.

My Girl - Is a pink-lilac purple with red and gold glitter. 

Overall, I really like this collection. Perfect for February and Valentine's Day, but also great for the rest of Spring. I put on Sweet Talk and My Girl and I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly they dried!
 The Summer of 199X Mini Set Part I
Part I
Tiny Ruby - A shimmering ruby jelly, filled with holographic glitters, and glistening flecks

Fire Spring - A coppery orange shimmer, bursting with holographic glitters and glowing embers

Pink Cloud - A hot pink jelly with holographic glitters and iridescent shimmer

The Kraken - Turquoise with green mermaid glitter, this one is definitely my favorite one of the bunch.

Lumine Hall - Deep blue-violet with square blue and green glitter

This may be one of my favorite collections I got, I love these type of glitters with hexagonal glitter shapes throughout. 
 The Summer of 199X Mini Set Part II
 Part II

I Miss You - A pastel rainbow of glitters and shimmer with pink and blue butterfly glitter

Tessie - A dusty and shimmery periwinkle creme

Apple Kid - A bright and rosy fuchsia creme, this is another of my favorites, I will probably be buying the full-size version!

Mint Flavor - An aqua, baby blue, shimmer creme

Magic Cake - A neon blast of bright glitters
I like the cremes in this collection, and I will definitely be buying the full-size Apple Kid, it's the perfect hot fuchsia pink!

The Final Battle Mini Set Part I
Part I
Meteor - A clear base full of black, gold, and fiery glitters

Soldier - A glitter topper full of the pewters and mythril

Lifestream - A pale green and white glitters in this shimmery, clear base. This one looks clear when it's swatched, great as a glitter topper.

Cetra - A sheer pink full of shimmer and iridescence

Phoenix Down - An orange, red, white, and iridescent glitter
This collection is full of some beautiful glitter toppers, great for those of you who enjoy those.
The Final Battle Mini Set Part II
 Part II
Diamond Dust - A frost, ice, and shimmer come together with a fine holographic sparkle in a clear base

Hellfire - A clear base full of glitter squares, bars, and stars

Judgement Bolt - A gold shimmer with metallic and iridescent glitters in a clear base

Tidal Wave - A murky aqua base filled with holographic glitters and effervescent shimmer

Tera Flare - A blackened base with holographic teal, blue, and silver glitters
This collection is more glitter toppers, and I especially like Tidal Wave even though it's just a lighter version of The Kraken.

The Final Battle Mini Set Parts III
 Part III
Sapphire Weapon - A deep navy blue with green and gold shimmer

Diamond Weapon - A charcoal gray with gold and silver shimmer

Ruby Weapon - A darkened ruby red with copper and gold shimmer

Emerald Weapon - A dark, aquatic green with blue and green shimmer

Ultimate Weapon - A blackened violet with a bright blue shimmer

This collection is also full of some amazing colors, I especially like Ultimate Weapon. It was the one color that B picked out when I was unsuccessfully trying to get him to help me pick out which ones I should get!

I am so happy with my Rainbow Honey haul, and I love these mini sets! They are small, compact, great for travel, and if you don't like a certain color you don't have a ton of it. Or if you do like a color, you can always buy a full-size, but getting the set makes it much cheaper to try a ton of colors at once. I think the Rainbow Honey formula is very good, they're not too thick or too thin, and many were opaque in 1-2 coats.

If you'd like to make a Rainbow Honey purchase use the code IPSY25 for 25% off your entire order. You can get a free polish each month with a $50+ purchase, and a free mini mystery bag of the month with a $65+ purchase. Shipping is free over $50 I believe.

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