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June 11, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Tree of Life Gift Set Review and $5 Off Your First Purchase!

I've been eyeing Fortune Cookie Soap for a while, and I've always wanted to try their Soap Box subscription box that arrives quarterly, or every three months. Well, I decided to order this Tree of Life gift set to get familiar with some of their products and see how I felt about this scent! 

Everything is packed very nicely in a to-go container. I love the homemade feel of Fortune Cookie Soap products, makes me feel like I got a gift from a friend! Well, my friend was "past Kelly" and she knew what "future Kelly" would want this to arrive in the mail! The set includes all of these products in the Tree of Life scent:

OCD Hand Sanitizer - ($3) I think this scent goes really well as a hand sanitizer, it's very fresh and clean. And it's not too drying which is nice to have in this kind of product.

Wax Tart - ($2) I don't have anything to warm this in, you're supposed to burn it over a flame kind of like a candle, but without the wick. Might be fairly easy for them to add a wick, seems like that might be more useful for this product. 

Fortune Cookie Soap - ($4) One of the soap leaves came off the fortune cookie soap, but it's ok because it's so cute! I managed to get the fortune out without having to use it first, and it's so fun knowing there's an actual fortune in each of these soaps!

Mini Whipped Cream - ($3) I like this, it's very moisturizing and the scent isn't too strong which is my main worry for something going on my hands, because I have a tendency to get headaches.

1 Steamer - ($2) These are supposed to sit in the shower and they slowly dissolve and give an aromatherapy type experience to your shower! B was super interested in these, as his perfect day would start with a really hot steamy shower in the dark! Drives me crazy because then I can't get ready in the bathroom at all while he's in there, but I am interested in trying this shower steamer!

1/2 Shampoo Bar - ($4.50) I'm can't wait to try these, I've never used shampoo or conditioner in bar form!

1/2 Conditioner Bar - ($4.50)

1 Bath Bomb - ($2.50) I was thinking of gifting this, but it's got glitter in it, so I'm going to keep it. Then I'll have to finally try Lush and see how I like their bath bombs!

The Tree of Life Gift Set costs $25.99 (+shipping) and contains almost exactly the same amount of product value. It is a great way to try a variety of products from Fortune Cookie Soap! Overall, I really love this scent, it's very fresh and clean and I will definitely be making another purchase from Fortune Cookie Soap!

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  1. Ohh, I am thinking I need to try Fortune Cookie soaps (or maybe put it on my Summer Swap list :P) anyway, wanted to drop in and say I nominated you for a Liebster Award!! Read more about it here -

    1. Do it! Fortune Cookie Soap is my new favorite "Indie" product obsession! Ahhh! Thanks, I may have to take some time to do this Liebster Award stuff :)


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