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June 12, 2014

Rainbow Honey June 2014 Mystery Bag Review

Rainbow Honey recently introduced a subscription bag, offering the mini or the large size Mystery Bag for $10 or $25 per month respectively. It seems they will still be offering the one-off monthly Mystery Bags as well. It's a great way to try their new products first, because they get released in the Mystery Bag before they are sold separately on the site. Each version includes 3 completely new polish colors, and a few other beauty products that are new as well.

The Mystery Bags are shipped via USPS, and this month's arrived in 3 days from New Jersey to California.

These Mystery Bags are so cute, just pretend you can't see all the rips in the tissue paper, from me ripping it open as soon as it arrived!

They're packaged in bubble wrap envelopes which are very handy to have around to reuse for shipping swaps and stuff.

My info card got a little perfume on it I think, but it doesn't seem to be missing much from the bottle so no big deal.

Pikake, Ichigo, and Rose Macaron

I thought it was a little strange to get three pink polishes in June, seems like that should be reserved for February, but I do like them overall.

Pikake - (5ml mini/15ml full size) This is a fun pink glitter topper. It looks similar to a few other glitter toppers Rainbow Honey has, but it is different.

Ichigo - (5ml mini/15ml full size) This is a bright pink fuchsia jelly with irredecent flakes in it, and I think it's my favorite of the bunch! I love hot pink for my toes in the summer, and this would look great on my toes or fingers.

Rose Macaron - (5ml mini/15ml full size) This is a pale pink with fuchsia and gold large and small glitter. This seems like it would go nicely with Petit Four from last month, that I suspect will be from the same collection.

Tea Biscuit Cuticle Balm - (.15 oz) This scent smells like buttery biscuits and I like the cuticle balm. It's easy to apply and it isn't as greasy as the cuticle oil. 

Tea Biscuit Exfoliating Sugar Soap - (14g mini/90g full size) I still have not opened a single one of their soaps, this and the last one both contain glitter. I think glitter is a little unnecessary for soap, but it smells good so it's going into my stash.

Extras: Orangewood Sticks and Mini Pearls - They always include little bonus items each month and these are what was included this month! I have been needing some orange wood sticks so these are perfect!

Nucifera Perfume Rollerball Mini - (4ml mini/12ml full size) This scent is hard to describe but it's supposed to be a tropical scent. I disagree but it does smell nicer once worn. In the bottle it's a little off-putting.

Overall, I would say this is my least favorite month so far, but I still do like it. I think my favorites are Ichigo and the cuticle balm. I finally subscribed, so I should be getting these earlier in the month from now on. Probably not early enough to have the exclusive spoilers, usually others get theirs before mine, but early enough to give you time to decide if you want to purchase it!

What do you think of the June Mystery Bag? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love pink so this is my favorite month yet! I can't wait for mine to get here!

    1. Exciting! I like pink too, but sparingly lol!

  2. I got Seashells instead of pearls in the full size mystery bag. :)

  3. I'm so excited to subscribe, but I have to wait until I move later this month to give the right address, but it's SO HARD. I think I'm going to try out the tea biscuit soap today before I do my nails. And I agree about the perfume; it smells kinda like cheap liquor and tanning oil in the bottle, but once it's been on your skin for like half an hour it smells pretty nice.

    1. Well at least you won't miss it completely if you don't subscribe, you can always buy it later!