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June 7, 2014

Rainbow Honey Nail Honey Cuticle Oil Review

Rainbow Honey sells this little gem on their website, and it's their Nail Honey Cuticle Oil. It's sold in a mini 5ml size, or their full size which is 15ml. I purchased the full size with my last order I made, and I've been using it consistently ever since. It comes in their regular nail polish bottles, which makes it very easy to apply with the brush.

It's called Nail Honey because it does actually have a honey scent to it, which I really like! It's sweet, without being sickly, and I've been carting the bottle around with me using it as much as possible.

I like and dislike some things about this product. I love the scent, and the brush applicator. Makes it easy to apply and you'll want to apply it much more frequently because of this. I don't think it's amazing by any means for moisturizing my cuticles though. I use it, and either it sinks in and my cuticles still seem dry, or because it doesn't dry quickly enough because it's an oil, it can easily be wiped away. It just doesn't seem to sink in, it just sits there on my cuticles and in 30 minutes or so they still look dry.

My other fault with it is not really it's fault, it's my own preference, but I don't like the oiliness of it. I have to brush it on, then rub it in with another finger, then wipe off that finger so I don't touch things and get oil all over them. Maybe I just don't like cuticle oils, but I feel like something that's supposed to be amazing at moisturizing your cuticles, I should be seeing better results if I'm going to deal with the hassles of the properties of an oil.

So far, I've been seeing better results from just my regular hand cream I've been using. And the hand cream is even easier to apply, so while I'll definitely use up this bottle, I probably won't purchase again.

Conclusion: If you're someone who really loves cuticle oils, you'll definitely love this. I'd say it's a try-it. It's currently out of stock right now, but if it comes back and you have a chance to purchase either the small or large bottle, I'd say try it and see if it's for you. If you dislike sweet scents, skip it though.

Rainbow Honey has extended the IPSY25 25% off code through June 30th, so use that code to get 25% off your entire purchase! It can be used more than once, but can't be used on subscriptions or preorders.

What do you think of the Rainbow Honey Nail Honey Cuticle Oil? Have you tried it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I like that you're honest in your reviews. Some folks still schmooze even when it's evident the product was unsatisfactory.

    1. I wanted to like it too! Especially when so many seem to think it's their HG cuticle product :/

  2. For me, it is the only oil that benefits my nails. I seem to have an allergic reaction to most other oils that cause my cuticles to peel and split. I brush it on every night and let it soak for a couple of minutes, then rub it in with O.P.I. avojuice hand lotion - which helps it absorb more quickly. My nail beds and cuticles have never looked healthier.

    1. I need to do a nail regime like this, my nails are a mess. Thanks for the tip!


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