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July 7, 2014

OishiiBox July 2014 Review

OishiiBox is a new subscription box consisting of a collection of snacks, candies, and everything kawaii from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. They kindly sent me this box for review purposes.

OishiiBox ships USPS within the first two weeks of the month. This box arrived really quickly, within the first couple days of July.

The box was packed really nicely, and came with some info cards. I want to mention that a lot of the stuff in this month's box was made of chocolate, and because I live in California during the summer, it was all melted. I had to stick it all in the fridge and let it set up again before I could eat it. Not the best idea to send a bunch of chocolate in the summer.

I really appreciated the info card and ingredients allergy list that the box came with. I think it could have been improved with some photos, because it was sometimes hard to tell what product was which with just a product name and ingredients list.

Lotte Choco Pie - This was my absolute favorite snack in the box, kind of like a Moon Pie but much better!

Lotte Koala's March - I've had this type of snack before, you can usually find them in the $1 section of Target, but these were good. Filled with chocolate, and who doesn't love that?

Otsumami 10 Sen Baked Rice Crackers - This was my least favorite, I don't know that I can get over a snack with dried fish in it. You can see it on the packaging, not my thing.

Kameda Kakinotane Wasabi Snack - These are just wasabi crackers with peanuts, and I love spicy snacks so this was right up my alley.

Baby Cookie Snack - These were ok, no real flavor of any kind just a plain cracker. Kind of dry too.

Lotte Waffle - I didn't find these very appealing, I thought they lacked a certain waffly flavor, and I much prefer stroopwafels over these.

Chocolate Panda Biscuits - These were really melty, and I didn't find the chocolate to be all that great of quality.

Umaibou Vegetable Salad - This is like a strange savory crispy rice stick, but I liked the flavor! It was surprisingly good.

Strawberry Pocky - I've always been a fan of Pocky, but I don't really like the strawberry flavor as much as some of the other flavors they have.

Strawberry and Green Tea Kit Kat - I have always wanted to try more of the Kit Kat flavors you can get in Asia, and I finally got to try the green tea flavor! I love it, I'm going to have to get more of these. I thought the strawberry was ok, I know there are a few variations of the strawberry, and I've heard there's one that's especially good. This one probably wasn't it, but I liked it. I want someone to come up with a Kit Kat flavors subscription box. I would totally pay for that.

Matcha Green Tea Crunch - I didn't think the green tea flavor of this was as good as the Kit Kat flavor, but I liked it.

Fusen Melon Gum - I've always liked melon flavored candy, and this gum was good. Didn't hold it's flavor long, but I liked the flavor.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy - These were pretty good flavor wise, but it was so hard and tough! It looks like a chewy candy, but it was the hardest textured candy I've tried that was supposed to be a chew. Could definitely pull out fillings if you're not careful, so eat with caution!

Pokemon Soda Candy - I have always been a big Pokemon fan, and this candy was fizzy and tasted like soda! Very good, I wish these were easy to find and buy here.

Bonus: Bunny Eraser - This is really cute, I hope they always send little bonuses each month, it's a great surprise!

Overall, I really liked this OishiiBox, I thought the presentation was good, shipping was quick, variety of snacks was good, and I enjoyed the majority of them. Maybe just hold off on shipping chocolate during the summer, there are plenty of good fruit candies, or other snacks that could be sent during the heat. I've tried another Asian snack food box, and I much preferred this one over the competitor.

OishiiBox is $12/month and the shipping is free! They ship during the beginning of the month, and they are currently taking orders for the August box!

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Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for review purposes. This is my honest review.


  1. Hi,
    This subscription box looks really interesting. Unfortunately, it doesn't ship to Australia, like so many subscriptions :(
    I'm with you, I would also purchase a kit kat flavours subscription.
    Kind Regards
    Aimee :)

    1. Bummer :( Seriously, those Kit Kats! Someone needs to get on a subscription box for them!

  2. Oh wow, this looks fun. I wish I could get it, but probably even the solid cookies would melt from the heat and humidity here (Arkansas). Sadly no Cost Plus World Market close either. The Orange Kit Kats are tasty.

    1. Yeah I hope they save the chocolate for the fall and winter. I know there are a few sites to order the Kit Kat flavors from, is one place.

    2. Well I guess they used to, doesn't look like they carry them anymore, which is a shame.

    3. Well, its not like I need the Kit Kats haha. Maybe I'll have my friend in Japan send me some this winter. :)


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