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August 19, 2014

Memebox Special #20 Superfood Review

When I originally saw the Memebox Special #20 Superfood box, I knew I had to get it. Evolution of a Foodie...Superfood...? I figured it would be a good fit for me, and a good box, and I was right!

If you don't know what Memebox is, it's a company that sells various themed boxes of Korean skincare and beauty cosmetics. You can buy boxes separately, or in bundle sets. Unfortunately you will pay for shipping on each box, but if you get a set, you get an upgrade to express shipping for the same price as regular shipping.

Memeboxes are shipped from Korea via DHL. I got this box in a set with express shipping, so it arrived in 3 days accounting for time zone differences from Korea to California.

I'm not thrilled that there were two items that had a very low value for this box.

Pure Smile Strawberry Milk Essence Mask - (23ml full size/$1)

Product description: "Replenish your complexion into a baby-face like texture with this Strawberry Milk Essence Mask rich in milk protein nutrients, wild berry extracts, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and collagen which all work to hydrate and smooth out uneven skin tone."

How to use: "After cleansing your face, place the mask sheet on. Rest for 15-20 minutes before removal. Gently pat in the remaining essence into your skin."

My thoughts: From what I've gathered Pure Smile is basically the cheap drugstore brand that always shows up in Memeboxes and most just wish it was a brand they stopped including in the boxes. While I don't like the labeling of this product as "full size" when it's a $1 value, and one mask, I do like strawberries. If this mask smells like that, I am so down.

LadyKin Elmaju Broccoli Essence Toner - (150ml full size/$14)

Product description: "This Elmaju Broccoli Essence Toner contains 90% of broccoli extract that provides instant hydration to the skin. This product provides anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin immediately while preventing future flare-ups, and also calms irritated skin after facial peels and skin procedures."

How to use: Apply to cleansed skin with a cotton pad."

My thoughts: I've heard so many good things about toners, but I haven't tried one yet. I'm excited to see how this works for me.

Secret Nature From Jeju Peeling Gel - (150ml full size/$26)

Product description: "Made from volcanic clay, natural cellulose components, and the pesticide-free Jeju all from the Jeju Island, Secret Nature's From Jeju Peeing Gel is 97% pure, raw and directly derived from nature. Its gentle yet effective formula will exfoliate any excess dead skin cells and skin impurities, and work to purify and brighten up the overall complexion as well."

How to use: "After cleansing, apply an adequate amount over your face, avoiding the eyes and the mouth area. Gently massage onto the skin with your fingers and rinse off with warm water. Recommended to be used 1-2 times a week."

My thoughts: It sounds to me like this is kind of like an exfoliator, which is great because I still haven't found one for my face that I really like. Most of the ones I've tried that people really like don't get off some of the really dry patches of skin.

LadyKin Phytoplan Broccoli Wrinkle Radiance Power Ampoule - (50ml full size/$50)

Product description: "This product has Broccoli extract that detoxifies problematic skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while turmeric extract helps to improve skin radiance and tone."

How to use: "Apply an appropriate amount and gently pat until absorbed."

My thoughts: This was the spoiler item for this box, and I didn't notice it had such a high retail value! It is a little sad to see two broccoli items for this box, as I had hoped for a variety of super foods products, but this does look interesting. I've also never used an ampoule, which are very popular in Korean skincare. Looking forward to using this!

e choice Red Ginseng Eye Wrinkle Solution Treatment - (30ml full size/$6)

Product description: "Containing 33% of pure red ginseng extracts, this Red Ginseng Eye Cream works to fill in lines and wrinkles along your eye contours, for firmed up, younger-looking complexion."

How to use: "Apply a small amount over, under, and around the eye area, and pat it in for full absorption."

My thoughts: This doesn't seem to be a preventative wrinkle treatment, but instead a reducing treatment. Since I don't have wrinkles yet, I may pass this on to my mom and see if she would like to try it.

The Skin House Aloe Soothing Vitamin Gel - (50ml full size/$19)

Product description: "Containing aloe vera extracts, tomato extracts, and 6 kinds of vitamins, this Aloe Vitamin Gel soothes, moisturizes, and protects dry and damaged skin, and also works to brighten up the complexion for clearer, healthier-looking skin. Plus, the vitamin capsules are consisted of 100% vitamin C and facilitate skin renewal an brightening."

How to use: "Apply the gel generously over red, dry, or irritated areas on your face, and massage it in until the vitamin capsules are all dissolved into the skin."

My thoughts: Since sunblock is so important to me, and wearing it on my face anytime I go outside, I don't think I've had a sunburn on my face in years. And my last bad burn was my legs in San Diego several years ago. I don't really have a use for aloe for sunburns and such, but I might try this to see how it works as a moisturizer.

Overall, this Memebox had a total value of $116, which is good but a little unbalanced for me. One product makes up almost half the total value for the box, and two of the items were only worth a few dollars. I probably won't use the red ginseng product, but luckily that was only worth $6. But the rest, I am excited to try! I just wish there was maybe one other item in here, and not two broccoli based products. Also the aloe product seemed out of place, like it should have been in the aloe box they had a little while ago.

Gently guiding your discovery, Memebox offers the utmost freedom by steering away from traditional subscription-based programs. Order from Memebox only when you want to, as often as you want to.

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