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November 5, 2014

Beauteque November 2014 Beauty Bag Review

The November Beauteque Beauty Bag #3 is here! I have been anxiously awaiting this bag after I saw some of the sneak peek items that were going to be in it, including a scarf! This bag ships to the US, Canada, and Europe. Beauteque kindly sent me this bag for review purposes.

The bag this month is pretty nice, it's actually got a zipper pocket on the inside, and some clear plastic pockets as well. The only downside is that mine was a little dirty on the outside when it arrived.

Here's the info card for this month, the theme is "Diva Diner".

Mizon White Sleeping Mask - (50ml full size/$12)

How to use: "Massage into face immediately before bed and wash off in morning."

I'm actually currently using a whitening sleeping pack right now, but this one smells like lavender and it's more travel friendly! And considering I lug my skincare routine around about twice to three times month, smaller is definitely better for my skincare products. I love the scent, this will be very relaxing for at night.

It's Skin Green Tea Lips & Eye Cleansing Pad - ($13.50)

How to use: "Simply swipe makeup off of eyes and lips with pad."

I just ran out of my makeup remover wipes. Just last week. This arrived at the perfect time! I like that these are much smaller than normal makeup remover wipes, less waste, and they smell nice and remove makeup very easily. They also feel very soothing and don't irritate your skin after using. They have sort of a gel-like consistency which feels very moisturizing and not drying at all. I really like these, I can't wait to put on a lot of makeup and see how they remove all of it.

Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream - (10ml full size/$16.50)

How to use: "Tap product gently from the brow bone to the undereye area and let absorb."

I have been needing a new eye cream, the one I was using was starting to irritate my eyes, and it came in a jar which I did not like. I love that this one is very travel friendly and in a tube, it makes it much more sanitary to use. And it's a thin gel that absorbs very quickly, so you don't feel like you have a bunch of goop all over your eyes. I like it, I might just throw my old eye cream away, and swap this into my routine!

Cosmos Facial Blotting Tissues in Lavender - (100 sheets full size/$6)

How to use: "Can be used while one is or isn't wearing makeup."

This was one of the items you had some options for scents etc. and I decided to go with lavender because I picked green tea for the last product choice in the September bag. But had I known there was something else with lavender and green tea maybe I would have picked something else, but I like these! They absorb really well, and they have a convenient sticky on the lid so when you close the package, the next time you open it, it will pull out one sheet for you! The scent is very mild, and you really don't notice it much when you're using these. My face doesn't get too oily, but sometimes when I use certain makeup it does, so these will be great to get rid of any excess oil on my face.

The Face Shop Blackhead Out Aloe Nose Strips - (5 strips/$5.25)

How to use: "Moisten nose area with warm water. Remove clean lining from strip and apply to tip of nose. Wait 10-15 minutes before removing."

I have to admit I don't really get blackheads on my nose or face, I never have, I don't know what causes them, but I was interested to see if this would do anything for me. I followed the usage directions and it pulled out a little gunk from my nose, but it wasn't much. I think if you have problems with blackheads or just want to get rid of any grossness from your nose, these will work really well.

Beauteque Scarf - ($12)

When I heard there would be a scarf in this bag, I was over the moon with excitement! There are two choices to choose from in terms of the design on the scarf, and I picked the blue and white print, which happens to have deer on it! It is really soft, and super adorable, I'm so glad I picked this pattern! And I can't wait to use it hopefully soon with a cute outfit!

Overall, this month's Beauteque Beauty Bag had a total value of $65.25 and I loved this month's bag! Getting a beauty bag that includes a fashion item, is unique in itself, but a Korean skincare beauty bag with a scarf I think is even better! Plus, I loved that I was actually in need of a few of the products from this bag, they couldn't have come at a better time. I can't wait to see what Beauteque has in store for the bags every month starting in January, so I'm excited to see what they will feature!

The November Beauteque Beauty Bag is still available for purchase, it is sold here and is $22. You can pick your product choices at the time of purchase as well! It will be offered this month, and then starting January 2015 it will be monthly. And if you are one of the first 100 to purchase your November Beauteque Beauty Bag, you get a free lip liner with your purchase!

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Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for review purposes. This is my honest review.

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