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November 14, 2014

Indie Weekends: Glamour Doll Eyes November 2014 OTM Review

I received my November Glamour Doll Eyes OTM! This month it came in an adorably wrapped and packed box, and had some yummy and sparkly goodies inside! It's all ramping up to the December OTM which is supposed to have some amazing products inside! I'm already excited :D

This subscription ships near the beginning of the month, for me it shipped on the 7th and was delivered 3 days later via USPS from Nevada to California.

How everything looked inside the cute little festive box this month, and oooh candy! Om nom nom

Here is the info card this month, shoutout to my lovely friend Laura on the front of the card, hi Laura!

All swatches are done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer unless otherwise noted.

More Pie, Please! - "Semi matte bright red with a golden green sparkle and sheen."

*Heart melts* red eyeshadow, this is totally my jam! I will have to wear this on Thanksgiving. The green sparkles were really prominent but the base looks more like a brick red to me, definitely not bright red, but like it's got a little brown in there as well.

Black Violet Gold Rush perfume - "Crisp golden apples, juicy pineapple, ripe bananas & golden kiwi with a light & airy feminine musk."

I put this on and it mostly smelled like apples to me. I couldn't really smell any of the other notes, but it was ok, because it smells really nice on the skin. Like a tart, crisp apple, so I can't wait to wear this throughout the coming colder months.

Hot For Teacher blush - "Light pink matte base with subtle golden sparkle." *No primer, blended out over bare skin*

This blush is a sneak peek product from the upcoming Glamour Doll Eyes Liars Keep Secrets collection, inspired by the character Aria on the TV show Pretty Little Liars. I really like this light pink matte blush, the sparkle is very subtle, so I will definitely be sporting this blush when I watch Pretty Little Liars!

Kiss My Sass If Lying Was a Crime - "Bronzed plum with purple & bronze shimmer."

The Liars Keep Secrets collection is a collaboration with Kiss My Sass, so here's a sneak peek at one of their shades, inspired by the character Emily. There's just barely a hint of the purple shimmer, but I mostly saw the bronze. It's a great versatile neutral shade, and I can't wait for the release of this collection.

Food Coma - "A light to medium brown with a beautiful pink sheen and golden sparkle."

A pressed shadow! I've been toying with the idea of pressing many of my loose shadows, and the formulation on this one is really nice. It's very smooth and creamy, and as I was sort of forced to wear it by applying it with my finger, because I forgot my brushes, it was surprisingly easy to do and blended well. The green sparkle really shows, and I could even see it really well when blended out on my eyes. Glamour Doll Eyes will be releasing a few pressed shadows soon, but this shade is exclusive to the OTM and will not be sold separately.

Beauty School Dropout - "A medium pink with a very subtle purple shift and a pinky gold shimmer."

This is a sneak peek shade from one of the Glamour Doll Eyes coming collections, which is the Grease box set, and it's just a pretty baby doll pink and the sheen was pretty easy to see.

Drives Me Matte - "A matte beige."

Here's another sneak peek shade, this one will be from the Glamour Doll Eyes Matte About You collection. I was a little unexcited about this shade when I swatched it, but I think it would make a great transition shade for pretty much any neutral eye look. So I will definitely be buying this collection, or at least a few of the shades from it.

Overall, this month's Glamour Doll Eyes OTM had a total value of $23.50 (it's a secret how I know this, but I don't know the value for each individual product) and I absolutely love it. There are some great season appropriate shades, along with a delicious perfume, my first indie pressed shadow, and sneak peeks at upcoming collections I am now convinced I need. Just a great month to start the holiday season, and I hear big things are in the works for the December OTM, so get on that if you want this subscription!

The Glamour Doll Eyes OTM is a limited subscription you have to act fast if you want in! Every month on the 8th (or the Friday before if the 8th falls on a weekend) they offer up the subscriptions to sign up for. The price will depend on which subscription you sign up for, but you will always get more than what you paid.

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