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November 8, 2014

Indie Weekends: Hello Waffle Catssic Literature Collection Review

This Indie Weekends review I have for you today, is probably my most anticipated collection and review I've been waiting on for a while now. There are cats. And classic literature. And cats. And cat drawings. And pretty eyeshadow. Oh, and did I mention CATS!? Hello Waffle has been teasing a classic literature/cat crossover eyeshadow collection for a little while now, and the Catssic Literature collection just recently came out, I bought the full size the first day as I needed the adorable cat label artwork.

Hello Waffle is another fairly new, indie cosmetics company specializing in beautiful eyeshadow collections, blushes, and Christine, the owner, recently introduced a subscription box. Hello Waffle is based in Canada, and currently has collections inspired by Fringe, famous musical composers, cats/literature, and a collection celebrating reaching 1000 Facebook likes. She also offers seasonal collections that can be purchased in the season they are inspired by.

Shipping - Because Hello Waffle is based in Canada, if you're in the US, you will be paying a little more for shipping than other indie companies. It's usually around $6, and for orders under $70 you will not get tracking, and for orders $70+ you do get tracking. For this order, it was placed the first day this collection was up for sale and shipped 3 business days later. It then arrived 4 days later from Canada to California. This was really quickly, I have ordered before and it took almost 2 weeks.

Product SizeHello Waffle offers sample baggies, mini jars (halfling), and full size jars that come with sifters. Only the full size jars come with the special label art, and I did order the full size Catssic Literature collection, and halfling jars of The Kitty Trio came with it as a free gift with purchase.

Free Samples - I always get at least one halfling jar as a free sample with my order, which is really generous. But I've also received multiple halfling size free jars when my order went past the stated turnaround time. And I've also been upgraded to a larger product size if she runs out of the smaller size I ordered.

All swatches done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer unless otherwise noted.

Call Me Ishmeow - "White with seafoam blue sheen."

This shade was surprisingly pigmented for a highlight shade, it went on with barely any product and was very pretty. Probably one of my favorite highlight shades I've swatched. And I just love the artwork for this one, how adorable is the cat whale!

Catticus Finch - "Satin greyed purple with a copper sheen."

This shade was the least pigmented of the whole collection, quite sheer, but the sheen looked more pink/red to me. A very lovely lilac-gray color.

Edgar Allan Purr - "Matte black base with blue, turquoise, and violet microshimmers."

It's hard to tell from the swatch, but the shimmer was very visible in this shade, but as it's a black base, it will blend out to be black. Really shimmery though.

Franz Katfka - "Beetle brown loaded with green and gold sparkle."

I love the description for this shade, as it's totally accurate. Beetle brown is a great name for this color, and it definitely has tons of the green and gold sparkle. This would look very pretty blended into the crease paired with Portrait of Purrian Gray or for some additional color, Hisster Prynne.

Hisster Pryne - "A glowing red."

I love this shade, when I originally swatched it, it went on so smoothly, and so opaque, that I was just so excited to use this shade. Then I was dumb and forgot to take a photo of it and had to re-swatch. So this swatch doesn't look as opaque as the first swatch I did, but I assure you, you can easily pack this shade on, it's just a beautiful red shade.

J. K. Meowling - "Green like Harry's eyes, with magical house colour microshimmer and a silver overlay because Slytherin."

This shade was also really pigmented, this swatch is one swipe. I love the green color this is, perfect for the Harry Potter reference, and quite a unique shade to my collection I think.

Portrait of Purrian Gray - "Matte gray base with intense gold sparkle."

The gold sparkle is pretty intense with this shade, you can see it in the upper left corner of my swatch. But I love that this is a matte shade in the collection, and one I don't think I have anything even remotely close to. It's very light, but I think will be such a versatile shadow.

Purr-ride and Purr-rejudice - "Lady-like blush pink."

What a pretty pink! It's got just a hint of sheen to it, but I think it would pair perfectly with The Color Purrple, or even Hisster Prynne.

The Color Purrple - "Medium toned purple with a cool violet glow."

Such a perfect lavender purple shade, it doesn't scream fall/winter to me, but as this collection is permanent and available year-round, it would be great in the spring.

The Great Catsby - "Green duochrome over a periwinkle sky blue with flecks of starry gold."

Such an apt description for this shadow, in the jar it looks like it's going to be a green/blue shade, but periwinkle is a better name for it. And more great artwork for this one, how cute is the cat driving the car?

Check Meowt - "Reddened mauve base with blue shift."

To me, this looked a little more orange when I was swatching, or more of a red/orange base than it looks in Hello Waffle's swatches. But the blue shift is really prominent, and is almost an overlay as you can see it at most angles.

I Like Your Cattitude - "Burgundy/cranberry base with intense blue sparkle."

This was a beautiful shade, and almost impossible to capture on camera, but the sparkles were definitely holographic. I looked in the jar at one point and could see red, green, and blue all throughout, and the base burgundy shade is just beautiful as well. I would definitely recommend getting The Kitty Trio, if only for this shade.

It's a Catastrophe - "Smokey grey-purple base with a strong metallic copper sheen."

What another beautiful shade, the base looked to be mostly matte, but with the metallic sheen this shadow has, it's just a great color to pair with so many of the other shades from this collection.

Overall, I will admit I purchased the full size set to get the cat label artwork, and the free halfling jars of The Kitty Trio, but I think it was well worth it. This collection has a lot of range, and when I was swatching these Hello Waffle shades, I could swear Christine is an eyeshadow whisperer. They were just so creamy and smooth, such a great formula in these and I have already planned on buying every product Christine makes. If you like cats, this is a must get collection, or at least a few of the shades. She has said that there will be cosmetic bags and button mirrors made with some of the artwork on them, so I can't wait for that.

Customer Service - Christine has always been extremely sweet in all contact I have had with her, and quick to reply. And even so when I ask dumb questions, for instance I received tracking for the first Hello Waffle order I placed, but not for this one. I didn't know about the $70 threshold for tracking, and inquired about it. She was quick to reply, and answered all of my silly questions. And when I had a mistake in my order, she was quick to send out the replacement items.

Availability - The Catssic Literature collection is permanent, and will all be available in sample, halfling, or full size form. The Kitty Trio is available in full size form only.

Overall Satisfaction - A great collection for cat lovers, but my absolute favorite shades were Call Me Ishmeow, Hisster Pryne, J. K. Meowling, and I Like Your Cattitude. I will be buying everything I can from Hello Waffle.

What did you think of the Hello Waffle Catssic Literature collection and The Kitty Trio? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love your swatches, thank you so much for posting them! Purrian Gray is my favorite! I ended up winning a mini set in Christine's giveaway, and I can't wait to try them all out! ♥

    1. Thank you! Nice, enjoy your freebies! It's such a great (and cute) collection! :)


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