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January 31, 2015

Indie Weekends: Bath Sabbath Beard Oils Review

Are you looking for something to get for the man in your life for Valentine's Day? Look no further than Bath Sabbath, which carries quite a few men's items, and one of their most popular products is their beard oil. I bought these for B as one of his Christmas stocking stuffers, but I just couldn't decide on a single one to get, so I grabbed them all in their listing called The Half Pantheon. He's going to be helping me with this review, since he's the one who actually uses these!

AboutBath Sabbath is a heavy metal indie bath and body shop, owned by Virginia, and based out of Southern California. They specialize in studded soap bars, beard oils and mustache waxes, perfume oils, and bath salts.

Shipping - My order shipped 9 days after I ordered, and arrived in 2 days via USPS from within California.

Product Size - Each beard oil comes in a 1 oz glass bottle with a dropper. You can also try smaller samples, by requesting any of these scents in the fragrance samples.

Free Samples - I received 2 perfume samples with my order, each in 1ml vials.

How cool is that artwork? I love it, it's such a fun and dark touch to the sides of the bottles. The bottles themselves don't have the scent descriptions on them, but I just remember them as Cernunnos is the tobacco one, Hades is the lime one, and Odin is the beer one. B keeps his goatee trimmed to about 1/4 inch or so, he only needs a few drops to thoroughly moisturize it. His technique for application is to just dot the dropper, without squeezing it, on his goatee a few times, and then rub it in with his fingers.

Cernunnos - "Tobacco and Basil, rounded out by the rich Benzoin, all on a base of crisp Cedarwood."

B and I get a kick out of mispronouncing this one a different time every time we call it by name. I always remember this one as the tobacco one, but it's sweeter. It's not at all smoky, just earthy and mysterious.

B: "Closer to the woodsy smells of my other brands (he's referring to the other beard oils he has in scents like fir needle, and avalanche). I really like it even though it’s kind of hard to put my finger on exactly what it smells like without reading the label. If I’m looking for a smell that doesn’t stand out too much, this is the one I’ll choose."

Hades - "Pomegranate, when combined with Lime and Frankincense essential oils, makes a deliciously tart scent with a good dose of sweetness."

I always remember this one as the lime one, because that's the one note that really comes though when you smell it. It's citrusy, tart, but also not like super fruity. The frankincense really balances it out to keep it smelling manly.

B: "As a guy I feel weird smelling too citrusy, but this manages not to smell too girly."

Odin - "Spiced Mead, think honeyed beer with spice and herb undertones."

This one is probably my favorite scent in the set, if B comes over he only brings this one because I like it so much. It's definitely sweet smelling, I just remember this one as being the beer one.

B: "Odin is a strange one, way earthier than any of the others. Smells thick if that makes sense. You said it’s your favorite so I save it for when you come over (he's referring to me) or when I’m going out for beers later."

Overall, I was so thrilled with my purchase of these for B after I smelled them, and even more so after B wore them a few times. I love the scent of every one of them, and the scent lasts all day. You can smell it pretty well just standing next to him. They have good scent longevity and good scent throw. Just phenomenal products, and I would recommend them to any guy who has a scratchy beard, or a beard that flakes. These will make it much softer and moisturized, and smell good too! My favorite scent is Odin, but I love it when B just rotates through them, because they all smell great.

I got B these and beard oils from Beardology, which I hope to review soon as well, and so now he has a total of 6 beard oils. If he ever gives me sass, I joke with him that I'll buy him more beard oil, because he keeps saying he will never need anymore!

B: "These oils definitely smell longer, but it’s always subtle enough that I don’t worry about people catching on without being right in my face. I honestly feel like all of my oils moisturize equally well, but these oils definitely win in the fragrance department. You can just smell the difference in quality. My others smell nice, but these smell GOOD."

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my order.

Availability - These beard oils are a permanent product, and always available. I do kind of wish they offered smaller seasonal scents, just because I love the product so much, and would love to see what other scents they could come up with!

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite scent is Odin, but really, I would highly recommend these beard oils to any guy who has a beard. They smell phenomenal and are such high quality.

What did you think of Bath Sabbath's beard oils? Let me know in the comments!

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