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February 24, 2015

Indie Subscription: Innocent+Twisted Alchemy February 2015 Review

The one thing I can always count on my Innocent+Twisted Alchemy subscription to do, is to introduce me to new indie brands. This month, I actually had either tried or heard of every single brand, but it's always nice to get to try before you buy. Plus, the subscription shades this month were so beautiful, and I loved some of my bonus samples as well! And of course the artwork was so cute!

AboutInnocent+Twisted Alchemy is based in California, owned by Linda, and specializes in eyeshadow and blush. Many of their collections are inspired by anime, but they also have the "Live Or Die" collection which is inspired by the Saw films. IT+A also has a monthly subscription, that comes in sample or full size form.

Shipping - As always, my Innocent+Twisted Alchemy always arrives really quickly, and this month it arrived in 2 days via USPS from within California.

Product Size - I subscribe to the mini subscription, so I always receive mini jars, but if you subscribe to the full size, you would receive full size jars.

Free Samples - There are always bonus samples from other indie brands in this subscription.

All eyeshadow swatches are done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer.

The info card always includes a bit of info about what inspired the shades, an it notes that starting next month there will be different types of themes, as well as exclusive products to the subscription! I am looking forward to that! And you always get a discount code to purchase products from the shop.

Opulent Liaisons -

This shade is like a muted blueish purple with a strong reddish golden sheen? It's hard to describe, it's so many things at once! It's quite lovely though, I can imagine this looking great foiled, or all over the lid, or even in the outer corner or crease. It's a very versatile shadow.

Pearls Before Wine -

This shade is a baby doll pink with a bit of a red/pink sheen. And I don't know if you can tell, but this one shade was really full. Full to the brim, I couldn't even swatch it without it overflowing!

Rococo Flush -

This is kind of a reddish bronze color with gold sparkles. This shadow in particular was so creamy and smooth. Since I haven't had a chance to order any regular Innocent+Twisted Alchemy line shadows, I sometimes forget how much I like the formula of them!

AFK Cosmetics Roses Are #FF0000 Violets Are #0000FF All My Base Are Belong To You - 

I could have sworn I have seen this before on the AFK store, but I don't see it. So either it's sold out, or it's exclusive to the subscription. I love the AFK Cosmetics tinted lip balms, they are so moisturizing and full of color. I was about to swatch this one, and was thinking to myself maybe I should prep my lips or something, they seemed so dry. But I put it on without doing anything, and I swear it evened out my lip texture, immediately made any flakiness disappear, and was so comfortable to wear. Even though I wasn't going anywhere, I wasn't going to take this off until I smeared it all over my face blowing my nose, but you get my drift. It's such a pretty, flattering shade, and I can't wait to wear this more. If it is exclusive I will be sad, because I want a full size.

Blackbird Cosmetics Vintage - "Muted, but somehow still vibrant mid-toned violet."

Blackbird recently reformulated all of her shadows, and this is the new formulation. It's such a smooth shadow for being matte, and the color is such a versatile shade. I actually just ordered this and a few others in full size. Blackbird Cosmetics will also be releasing blushes in March hopefully, so be on the lookout for those! I cannot wait!

Dark Matter Makeup Capricorn - "A satin victorian purple grey with very subtle hints of red."

I have been keeping a watch on Dark Matter Makeup and have been thinking about buying some samples to try. I am glad I received this sample because I think I might wait a little longer before trying. Their shop states that these sample vials are only half full, which mine was. But the packaging is a pain to apply from. I'm basically tipping it over trying to get the product out, and it doesn't slowly come out, it just kind of all dumps out. And this shade was kind of sheer. It will probably need a sticky base or something to shine, but I just was mostly frustrated by the packaging and the fact that it felt like I used half of what product was in there, just for my swatch trying to get it opaque.

Dreamworld Hermetica Debutante -

I can't find this product on the Dreamworld Hermetica site, and I also just realized this was supposed to be a blush and not an eyeshadow...derp. Well, either way it would be pretty, but I do notice it does not specifically say eye safe, but says lip safe. It would be a nice lip color too. I could have sworn I made a mental note when I opened everything that this was a cheek color, and then it all went out the window swatching haha!

Overall, I really liked the main shadows from the subscription this month, and I was thrilled with the AFK tinted balm, and Blackbird sample. My favorite shade would probably be Rococo Flush, and the AFK Cosmetics tinted lip balm. I always seem to skip over using my Innocent+Twisted Alchemy shadows when picking products for my makeup, but I need to use them more, especially since I really do like the formula. And I can't wait to see what's in store for next month's theme, since it's supposed to be a little different from what we usually get each month.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my subscription.

Availability - This subscription goes up around the 1st of the month to subscribe, so just check the Facebook page for exactly when that happens.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite items were Rococo Flush and AFK Cosmetics Roses Are #FF0000 Violets Are #0000FF All My Base Are Belong To You tinted lip balm.

What did you think of this month's Innocent+Twisted Alchemy subscription? Let me know in the comments!

Here's some info about this subscription:

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy Sample Size Subscription: Available on the 1st of the month
• $12/month
• 3 deluxe sized samples that are exclusive ONLY to the subscriptions
 30% off coupon code
 BONUS! Surprise items 

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy Full Size Subscription: Available on the 1st of the month
• $18/month
• 3 full sized samples that are exclusive ONLY to the subscriptions
 35% off coupon code
 BONUS! Surprise items 

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  1. I absolutely loved this month's box!! I'm wearing Rococo Flush today and it's so stunning that I had to tell Linda how much I loved it. The AFK balm also gave me a good chuckle and I love that it smells like candy.

    1. I know! The shadows this month were so pretty! Sometimes this sub is low on my excitement level for it to get here, but I don't know why, the shadows are always so beautiful. I am really looking forward to next month though, now that there are surprise changes.


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