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April 15, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: Scribble Prints Co. Review

Scribble Prints Co. has quickly become one of my favorite Etsy planner sticker shops, which I should have known considering how bright and colorful their stickers are! Many shops offer stickers on matte or glossy paper, but Scribble Prints is only on glossy paper. It makes the colors more vibrant and adds a nice sheen that makes them look really visually appealing. The shop is currently on vacation, but will return April 26th.

Every order comes in this nicely branded plastic sleeve in a gold bubble mailer. Also included with every order is a tiny pack of free samples.

Shipping - I made three orders to receive all of these. They do take a while to ship, up to 7 days, but they arrive fairly quickly, within 4 days via USPS from Texas to California.

Wine Date -

B and I like to drink wine and go out wine tasting frequently, so I thought these wine stickers would be perfect for that.

Grocery Cart -

I don't actually go to the grocery store that much, but when I do I definitely want to have a sticker for it!

Colorful Envelopes -

I like to use these for when I need to mail something, or when I get quite a few things in the mail. I track in my planner when I receive packages for my reviews, so these come in handy.

Meal Planning -

I don't use these so much for meal planning as I do when we go out to eat.

Mini March Planner Kit -

This little planning kit is a little out of date, but I ordered it anticipating it would arrive halfway through March. I just wanted a few stickers to try for the month to see how I liked color coding by the Erin Condren monthly colors. I don't believe these are still available, as the monthly kits have been recently redesigned.

Heart Checklist -

I love these little checklist flags for adding my to dos to my planner. They fit perfectly in the Erin Condren daily squares. I like that there are a few extra bonus stickers on the bottom, even if I don't always use them all.

April Planner Kit -

This was the old full monthly kit, but has been recently redesigned. I ordered the new May redesigned version so I'll hopefully be able to review that as well. But these came in handy, I used almost everything decorating for this month, and they are all very useful. I am looking forward to the new ones though because there are so many more stickers, and a lot more of ones I think I will use.

TV Show Mini-Box - 

I like to use these for when I am actually watching a show for the day. I write out when the new episodes of the shows I watch come on, but these I use for when I actually watch tv or Netflix or something. For instance, if I'm watching the new Daredevil series, I write that in and place it on the day and time of day I was watching. I really like these for that, I will probably reorder this sheet. 

Rescheduled - 

These are becoming more frequently used. I have had to reschedule quite a few events recently that we're more difficult to move the sticker around than to just use one of these and put a new one in for the new time.

Canceled -

I haven't used these as much as I don't cancel a whole lot, but they will be handy for when I do.

Paw Print - 

I liked the paw print stickers because they are more general and can be used for a cat or a dog. I like using these when B and I take his dog on a walk. It's silly, but fun.

Shipping Boxes -

I like to use these when I need to mail packages or when I receive quite a few packages in the mail.

Weekend April Themed Banners -

These have been changed to be added to the new monthly kits, but I ordered these separately for April. They just go across the top of Saturday and Sunday to denote the weekend. It's a fun way to make it more noticeable, and help you look forward to it.

Free Samples -

These are the free samples you get with every order. They were recently changed so that you now get Instagram logos for the bottom round stickers instead of the Scribble Prints logo.

Here's my third order, so pretty!

Plan Page Flag -

How much more meta can you be than using a plan sticker to plan out your planning for the week? I don't think it's possible to be more meta. I like these little plan flags, they help remind me to plan out the next week in my planner. I just don't get why the bottom isn't filled with the flags if they fit. I'd rather have more plan flags than the other stickers.

Love Themed -

These are a new set recently added to the shop, and I figured I should get them for date nights with B or anything else like that. They work well, and I like having so many colors to choose from.

Mini Heart To Go Checklist Box -

Mini Heart To Do Checklist Box - 

Mini Heart To Buy Checklist Box -

I absolutely adore these stickers, and I recently ordered the To Watch set to complete my collection of these checklist boxes. They come in so handy planning my week. I usually use them on the side where the weekly to do lines are, but I also use the to do ones in my daily boxes. These might be some of my favorites, I will definitely be reordering more as I've already almost gone through most of the To Buy ones.

Mini-Dot -

These are new to the store, and I have to say I don't know if I like them as much as I thought I would. There are too many colors to really make a checklist with them and match the monthly colors, and their thickness doesn't match how small they are. They're not my favorite dots, I've found better at like a dollar store.

Money -

I just noticed that I actually ordered the camera stickers instead of these, but received the wrong item. I emailed Andrea, the owner, but haven't heard back yet. I know she had to recently cancel her vacation and last minute emergency move, so I told her no rush on getting the ones I ordered. I do remember looking at these when they arrived and wondering why I ordered them, because I couldn't remember picking them out at the time. And I guess I didn't!

Overall, I absolutely love Scribble Prints Co. It's become one of my favorite sticker shops. She frequently does sales on her Instagram and in her Facebook group, so join those if you want to get in on that. Also the stickers themselves are so bright and colorful, and easily match up with the monthly colors in the Erin Condren planner, that it's hard to go wrong with anything from the shop. I also love how thick the paper is and the glossiness, it makes it look really nice. Definitely check out her shop when she comes back on April 26th. I really love monthly kits and the new revised version she has is really great looking, it has five sheets of stickers in it! I have another order coming soon, so look for another review hopefully coming soon.

What did you think of Scribble Prints Co.? Let me know in the comments!

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