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May 6, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: Station Stickers Review

Station Stickers was originally named LifePlannerWashiTape, so that's why my stickers in this review say that. They recently changed their name to Station Stickers, so you can check them out there if you're interested in trying any of their planner stickers. I ordered just a few sheets from them, but I'm looking forward to trying more in the future!

My order came with a few free samples included in the sleeve with my other stickers.

I wanted to get a few stickers to help me plan out YouTube videos and other social media posts, so I stumbled across these. They're actually quite small and are good for accenting my regular stickers I use for these actions, they don't really work on their own since they are so small.

Same with these, I hoped to use them as Instagram reminder stickers, or for taking blog photos, but they are very small. And I actually don't care for the color scheme as much as I thought I would. These do work better where I use them, which is usually the bottom lined section of each day in my Erin Condren planner.

B and I go to beer festivals and try new beers a lot, so I wanted some stickers to mark the occasion. These are ok, but not the best looking beer stickers I've seen. They do the job though.

Free Samples - 

Just some small extras included with my order, which I always appreciate. It's too bad I don't work out though!

Overall, I think Station Stickers has some interesting and cute sticker sheets, but the ones I purchased were not right for me. I would probably shop there again as my order shipped two days after I ordered, but I will note I did not get a tracking number for my order. It makes shipping a bit cheaper, but I'd rather pay the extra $1 or whatever it is to get tracking for reassurance and peace of mind about my order. I do like that they carry stickers to fit a May Designs planner, which not many shops have.

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