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November 29, 2011

Chantara Thai Cuisine

After my mom and I went to the movies to see Breaking Dawn, I let her choose where to get dinner. I've been to this restaurant before, but I was kind of disappointed we didn't go to Mongolian BBQ (which is also nearby). But this is where she wanted to go, and so we went. We ordered a few dishes, but the best was the Wonton Soup.

We also ordered the appetizer, Angel Wings, which weren't very good. And I ordered a noodle dish, that was ok, not really worth a photo. Maybe we just ordered the wrong things, but the few times I've been here, it's just OK. I've never seen it even remotely busy, and I get home wishing I had gone somewhere else, and I'm still hungry. I am sure there are some other menu items that are better than what we ordered, but if I'm in this area, I'd rather get Mongolian BBQ. They never fail me, while Chantara Thai Cuisine just isn't anything special.

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