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January 22, 2014

Veronica Belmont #NOM04 Quarterly Co. Box Review

Even though I didn't get photos of this box when it arrived back in June, I wanted to do a review for it and include a photo of the Veronica Belmont Quarterly Co. #NOM04 box. This was one of the boxes that was the original $25 for a box every quarter, or every 3 months. This subscription has since gone up to $50 every quarter. I have loved every one of these boxes, and I highly recommend Quarterly. They have all kinds of curators to chose from, great customer service and I think they're pretty close to what Fancy offers with their boxes. High quality products and a good value with each box.

Photo Credit: Quarterly

Here's what I received in this box along with approximate value:

Photo Credit: Pick-A-Peck Pickles
Pick-A-Peck Pickled Peaches - ($9) I actually still haven't tried these mostly because I didn't know what I wanted to use them for. It says they can go over vanilla ice cream, but I don't eat ice cream much. I have been on a milkshake kick lately, so I'm thinking I may add some of these to a milkshake. Maybe with some mint or basil? Hmmm...

Memphis Minnie's Texas Red Sauce - ($15?) I have no idea the true value of this sauce, because I can't find it on their website. Maybe they didn't want to bottle the sauce and send it any more because almost everyone who got this box, had their sauce break in transit, so I hear. Mine did too, so I didn't even get to try it. 

I actually didn't pay anything for this box, because like a lot of people who received it, the BBQ sauce broke in transit. Something about the batch wasn't sealed properly by the sauce company. I don't know, but Quarterly gave everyone who received a broken jar a refund, and also sent out an additional poultry rub which I also haven't used yet, hah! I should though I bet it's good.

I highly recommend checking out Veronica Belmont's Quarterly box if you have any interest in delicious gourmet food items, and Bay Area local foods. Once again, this box is $50 every quarter or every 3 months. They have all kinds of other curators to chose from on their site.

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Do you subscribe to Quarterly  Which curator do you receive boxes from? Have you been happy with the service? Let me know in the comments!

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