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January 22, 2014

Veronica Belmont #NOM05 Quarterly Co. Box Review

Even though I didn't get photos of this box when it arrived back in September, I wanted to do a review for it and include a photo of the Veronica Belmont Quarterly Co. #NOM05 box. This was the last box that was the original $25 for a box every quarter, or every 3 months. This subscription has since gone up to $50 every quarter. I have loved every one of these boxes, and I highly recommend Quarterly. They have all kinds of curators to chose from, great customer service and I think they're pretty close to what Fancy offers with their boxes. High quality products and a good value with each box.

Photo Credit: Quarterly Co.

Here are the items I received in this box:

Photo Credit: Uncommon Goods

Salsabol - ($16, on sale now for $6!) I think this salsa bowl used to be on Amazon, but now it's only available through a few smaller retailers, but it's got a giant lip on one side so when you're trying to scoop salsa it doesn't spill! I got it in this yellow color, shown here. It works great!

Photo Credit: Papalote

Roasted Tomato Salsa from Papalote - ($7) This famous Mexican restaurant in San Francisco is certainly onto something with this salsa. I could have eaten the whole jar in one sitting, but I managed to resist and only eat it in about 2 sittings! It is so good! If you live in California, in the Bay Area, or along I-80, you can find this in many grocery stores, like Whole Foods or Nugget. I'm planning on getting more now that I remember how good it is! I haven't been to their restaurant yet, but I'm putting it on my list!
Photo Credit: Amazon

Alcohol Warning Shot Glasses set of 2 - ($4) These shot glasses normally come in a set of 4, but only 2 were included in this box. And what can I say, they're shot glasses. I can always use another shot glass around for measuring out drinks. I keep these in the fridge for spur of the moment shots though.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Mustache Chip Clips - ($5) These chip clips are silly and fun, and honestly I use so many chip clips, I even use them on frozen food bags I've opened and haven't used all of yet. They were a welcome addition.

All in all, this Quarterly #NOM05 box had a total value of about $32! Not bad considering I only paid $25 plus tax for it! I got some use out of all the items in this box, even though I gobbled up the salsa in only a few days. Quarterly is an interesting subscription box because you may not love all of the curators boxes, but when you find a curator you like, you almost certainly will like everything they include.

I highly recommend checking out Veronica Belmont's Quarterly box if you have any interest in delicious gourmet food items, and Bay Area local foods. Once again, this box is $50 every quarter or every 3 months. They have all kinds of other curators to chose from on their site.

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