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February 23, 2014

Recent Nail Art - February 2014

Recently, I've done a few different nail art designs, so I thought I'd collect them all here. I think I have found a new favorite and easy to do design, which is a light or neutral nail base, with glitter tips! I have a few of those, as well as my Valentine's Day nails!

This is a glitter Nail Rock art I did for Valentine's Day! I received the Red Glitter in my January Birchbox, and then ordered the pink in anticipation for this design. In case you are unfamiliar with Nail Rock, it's a set that comes with a polish, and a pot of glitter or velvet, or nail caviar to dip the wet polish in. Because I heard the glitter comes off everywhere, I decided to use a top coat to seal it in. I found that even though you tend to get glitter all over your hands, once you do a top coat and it sets, you can wash your hands to get the excess glitter off. Unfortunately, because it was so thick, the whole thing peeled off after one day! I tried it again, with a lighter touch to the polish and glitter, still peeled off. I ended up having to just use the red and pink polish to do an alternating design with a heart on a ring accent finger.

This photo doesn't really do this one justice, I just love these glitter tip designs! I used Julep Cassie as the base, and Julep Venus as the glitter, from my Cupid's Mystery Box,  then sealed it with the Julep Freedom Top Coat. For this one I just painted the base color, and once it dried, painted the glitter on the top half of the nail. Waited for that to dry, then sealed it with a top coat.

As you can see, I finally trimmed my nails to a more manageable size, which I am loving, and did this yesterday. The pink is Zoya Dot, that I got in my February Ipsy Glam Bag, and the glitter tips are Julep Rosa, the birthstone collection color for February, that I bought from the February Secret Store. For this I did 2 coats of Dot, and then once that dried, did a semi-thick line of glitter polish along the tips. I waited a few seconds for it to get a little tacky, used the (clean) brush (just scrape off as much glitter as you can into the tip of the polish bottle) to pull the glitter line down from the top. Did all the nails on one hand like this, then repeated the glitter process again. No top coat for this, both colors dry in a fairly shiny finish already. This is my new favorite!

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