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March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Nails (and a few other nail art creations)

I've done a few more nail art creations I want to share, including my St. Patrick's Day nails! I don't have the tools or the patience to try and draw shamrocks so I just used all of my green polishes I have now, and gold to make this look. It was a good excuse to at least try a bunch of polishes that were previously unused.

I used from left to right:

Julep Aislinn - From the Lucky Mystery Box. Black with green glitter. This was kind of thick but it only needed one coat.

Julep Lizanne - From March's Riviera Collection, pretty opaque but it needed a thick one coat to cover.

Julep Margot - From January's Boudoir Collection, this needed two coats.

Julep Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz Collection - Very opaque, beautiful coverage, one coat.

Julep Courteney - Needed two coats.

Glitter tips are a combination of:

Julep Oscar - Gold glitter, most prominent on my thumb.

Julep Tania - From March's Riviera Collection, was the add on. Beautiful mermaid teal glitter.

Julep Taryn - From the Lucky Mystery Box, tiny microglitter. You can see it the most on my pinkie.

There's no top coat on this mostly because I'm lazy, and sometimes I actually want my polish to come off faster, so then I have an excuse to change it again. And I had planned to alternate between glitter on the tips and it on the base, but sort of forgot mid way through, so whatever. All of these colors dried really quickly and glitter tips are very forgiving because if it smears, you just add more glitter to that spot!

Now my Spring inspired geometric mani:

I had originally planned to do something more complicated than this, but because doing a tape design usually requires that the base coat dry overnight, I didn't want to bother. So I just combined the two colors I got in my March Julep Maven box.

Julep Elisa - Light lavender shimmer. I had problems with this color, it was thick and thin at the same time, needed two coats, but also wouldn't dry quickly. Even letting it dry a while before I went to bed, I still got sheet marks. I just tried to coordinate covering up those with the other color.

Julep Harriet - Papaya coral. This was really opaque, just needed a thick one coat to cover Elisa.

Same thing for this one, I didn't use a top coat, and it lasted a week before I took it off to do the St. Patrick's nails. The chip on my middle finger was from the tape, and it didn't chip at all for a week. It may have been because I actually made the effort to cap the ends of my nails with polish.

It was a little late in the season here to do a snow-inspired mani, but I went to the snow last weekend and had to coordinate my nails!

I don't have a dotting tool, so my snow dots are a little messy, but I just wanted to make it look like a winter wonderland.

Julep Misti - This is a smoky teal blue color, perfect for a winter nail design.

Julep Hope - This is a silk finish white, from January's Boudoir Collection. I used it for the snow dots, and the snow banks on the tips.

Julep Joelle - This is a really fine silver microglitter, I used it on the tips over the white to make it look more like sparkly fresh snow.

I just did a quick manicure for this design, I was over at B's so I didn't want to work on it for too long.

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