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August 6, 2015

July 2015 Favorites

I'm a bit late on my July Favorites, but I had some great products this month that I just had to share! I've been slowing my roll on buying up all the things lately, got to save for some trips and other fun things coming up. And I've just been feeling unmotivated to get blog posts done. :( I'm just trying not to beat myself up too much if I don't get done what I wanted to get done, and just focus on getting done what I can. Sorry if you've been wondering what happened to the almost daily posts, but I just have other things that I need/want to do. You know, life stuff! On to the favorites!

Arcana Peaches Crave Vanilla - "Sugared peach, glorious vanilla, marshmallows, sweet milk, and sheer musk."

Originally, this scent was limited edition to the Summer Cravings collection from Arcana. Arcana is a perfume brand I've just recently delved into, and boy was that such a good/bad idea! Good because pretty much everything smells amazing, but bad for my wallet! This perfume became so popular, it made it into the general catalog, which is great for you because you need to try it. It's pretty much the most amazing peach scent my nose has ever whiffed, it smells like peach pie or peach cobbler, and some people think it smells like canned peaches but in a good way. If I could bathe in this, I would, I love it that much.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co. Three In One Whipped Cream Soap - 

I recently ran out of my shampoo stash, and was looking for some indie alternatives. I heard about this whipped soap from FuturePrimitive that can actually be used as a body wash, shampoo, and shave cream. So I ordered some to try, and it's really amazing. I've mostly been using it as a body wash/shampoo, because also using it as a shave cream would get really expensive, very quickly. Previously, I had never tried a shampoo in stores that I felt compelled to repurchase. I usually went to the store and specifically bought something new every time. But I will absolutely be repurchasing this product, even though the shipping price from the UK is the absolute worst.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co. Conditioning Hair Rinse -

To go along with my search for an indie shampoo, I also needed a conditioner. I threw in one of these along with my whipped soap, and this is pretty much the most perfect conditioner for my hair type. My hair is uncolored, au naturale, and fine. My ends get super dry too. This conditioning rinse is really thin, kind of the consistency of watered down liquid shampoo. But it's perfect for my hair, it rinses out completely, which I've had trouble with in the past with other products. And it doesn't weigh my hair down either. If you need a thick conditioner for your hair, this won't be for you. And again, just don't look at the shipping price when ordering this!

I really loved the neutral shadows we got in July's Glamour Doll Eyes OTM. I love that Vanessa, the owner, doesn't feel the need to do bright colors for summer. I wear neutrals probably a third of the time I do my makeup, so these will be perfect all year round! And I just love their pressed shadows, which Limerence, the middle color was. I have an entire palette of Glamour Doll Eyes pressed shadows which travels with me at all times!

AFK Cosmetics Christmas in July Advent Calendar -

This was a limited edition, all products were exclusive, advent calendar for summer. It was sold by AFK Cosmetics, and I managed to grab the full size version. I just love every single product that was included, especially the Shiro Cosmetics Destiny Islands lip tint. I can't wait to keep using the products throughout the summer, and the rest of the year.

Haus of Gloi Summer Reverie -

I may or may not get to a full review of these products from the Reverie on Haus of Gloi, but let's just say I was super surprised by how much I liked some of them. Blueberry Pie smells completely accurate and really delicious even though I tend not to like blueberries that much. Boca Chica was my surprise favorite I think, it is like a perfect banana sunscreen kind of scent, which sadly disappears too quickly for my liking. Suggah smells exactly like the brown sugar and lemon zest rub I use on salmon, which makes it perfect for a sugar scrub. And even Trippy Hippy was pretty good even with patchouli in it.

Aromaleigh Jezibaba Lip Gloss -

I just love the bright pink color of this gloss with the blue sparkles/duochrome. I recently wore it with Femme Fatale's Dr. Eeek on my eyes, which has a similar coloring and duochrome. They looked fantastic together! While this gloss is probably not super work friendly if you have to be conservative with your makeup, it does make for a really fun shade to wear on the weekends in the summer!

Purebess Galactomyces 100% and Skinfood Royal Honey Emulsion -

Whenever I go over to B's, I bring a little bag of sample/small skincare products I have on hand to use while I'm there. I don't want to lug around my full size products, and it gives me a chance to get through my samples. Most recently, I've been pairing these two products together, and my skin has looked it's best in months. I even took these with me when I went to Utah, where it was really dry, and my skin still didn't flip out. You're supposed to use the Purebess Galactomyces 100% a little differently than I use it, but I've just been putting it on a cotton ball and using it as a toner. And then I would apply the Skinfood Royal Honey Emulsion, and that would be it for the day other than cleanser before these steps. They work great, and while I probably would not repurchase the Galactomyces just because it can be expensive and hard to find, I will probably repurchase the Skinfood emulsion!

I've been wanting to tackle the process of inventorying all of my indie products, and various other beauty products for quite a while now, and I finally found the perfect way to accomplish that goal. Tap Forms is a Mac, iPhone, and iPad app (sorry PC and Android users), and it's basically your own personal database. You can customize the fields and so I decided to break it down into a big section for all of my indie products, which is then further broken down by type. Currently, I've got almost everything in there, with the exception of my bath and body stuff. You can add photos, search, decide how to sort and group items, pretty much everything I wanted my inventory to be. I knew there was no way I was going to get this with just a simple spreadsheet, so I am so glad I found this app. If you get the Mac and iPhone versions, they do sync as well. I try to keep my laptop off when I'm in bed and going to sleep, so sometimes I'll get some done on my laptop earlier in the day, and then at night work on some more from my phone. It is a bit pricey, at $8.99 for the full iPhone version, and $34.99 for the Mac version. But it was exactly what I wanted, and it syncs well. Plus, I wanted an easy way to find all of my duplicate products, so now I just enter 2 as the value for amount, and I can search that easily and quickly. My hope is that when I've finished, I've got all the information I could ever want about every product in my stash/collection.

What were your July favorites? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Just received my first Haus of Gloi order and am loving everything so far! Definitely appreciate your blog but can totally understand needing time to focus on life!

    1. Ooh what did you get from Haus of Gloi? And thank you!

  2. Ordered the hair oil, body emulsion, and perfume oil in Satyr. On a huge blood orange kick right now! Also ordered the pumpkin butter in Twice is Nice and a few perfume oils. So far my faves are Troika and Vice. Sol was a freebie sample they sent which was super nice of them but couldn't get into the scent. Still have perfumes to try of theirs in Cozy Sweater and Depravity. Slowly working through my recent Bath Sabbath order (another first!) Finding good indies thanks to your blog :-)


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