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July 29, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: Planner Pandemonium Review

Planner Pandemonium is an Etsy sticker shop I've purchased from a few times, mostly because they are one of the few shops with Supernatural themed stickers! I've actually purchased quite a few of these sheets, for myself and for gifts, but I also grabbed their Star Wars fan pack for a friend.

TV Quote Stickers Supernatural -

Making and selling fandom themed stickers can be kind of difficult considering copyright issues, but doing quote stickers seems very low risk. And some of these Supernatural quotes make me laugh every time I read them, so I've purchased this sheet like four times over, for friends and myself. I'm planning on using these for the nights Supernatural comes back on, they will be a fun way to mark the new episodes. These are printed on matte paper.

These seem less copacetic with copyright laws, but I knew I had to grab these for a friend who is super excited for the new Star Wars movie. There are countdown stickers, character stickers, quote stickers, and full box stickers for release day. These are also printed on matte paper.

Overall, I have been pretty happy with my purchases from Planner Pandemonium. Both of my orders shipped within a week, and arrived just a couple days later via USPS. She does provide tracking for your orders, which I love. I hate when shops skimp on that and just ship your stickers in a regular envelope. She also carries a few other fandom related quote stickers, including Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, and Downton Abbey. Some sheets are a bit expensive, at about $5 for 15 quote stickers, but sets of two sticker sheets are only $7, so that's not too bad. I will definitely recommend this shop if you're looking for some fandom stickers.

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