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July 24, 2015

Indies of the Week: June and July 2015 COTMs Review

This post got delayed last month because I was still waiting on some of my COTMs (Color of the Month), so I decided to just push it back until now so I could include July's COTMs as well. And I have a few extra brands to include this month, including some Darling Girl and a perfume from Alchimia Apothecary that was part of the Rusalka Menagerie from Aromaleigh.

All eyeshadow swatches are done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer. All blush and highlighter swatches are done over bare skin and blended out.

Amaterasu - "A lustrous bronze with golden shift."

It says this can be used as a highlighter, or bronzer, or eyeshadow, and I figure I will probably use it as an eyeshadow. It's probably a bit too warm toned for my skin to use as a highlighter or a bronzer. But who knows! It is very pretty, and I liked that it blended out really well.

Aromaleigh Rusalka Menagerie (June):

Jezibaba Lip Gloss - "A vivid coral pink with a strong blue highlight shimmer."

I could not wait to try the first lip gloss from Aromaleigh in a long time with this debut shade. I immediately snatched up a full size, and I love the shade. You can apply a little for just a bit of pink, or layer it for a darker pink with more of a blue highlight. It's still really wearable, even with the blue glitter. The only downside is that mine kind of leaked into the lid and I had to clean it up before using.

Rusalka - "A vivid teal blue with a strong metallic gold shift and gold to green color traveling iridescence."

This shade was a bit of a disappointment to me, I thought the website swatches looked much more interesting. And I already have a few shades that look similar to this.

Alchimia Apothecary Rusalnaya - "Top Notes: Algae, Aquatic Plant Life, Muddy Waters, Lake-Filled Air. Heart: Water Lily, Murky River Bank, Milk Weed. Base Notes: Fallen Tree Limbs, Oakmoss, Ambergris, Dry Meadow Grasses."

This is a super aquatic smelling scent, it's actually just the kind of scent I've been wanting for a while but never found. It's not too strong either, which I really appreciate. This will definitely be a great scent for those who love aquatic scents, it reminds me of the scent of a lake or the ocean without the nasty smells of an ocean.

Samodiva - "A pale bluish aqua with strong red interference shimmer."

This shade will go perfectly together with Rusalka and with the red sheen over the light blue, it almost looks like a purple sheen it some lights.

Song to the Moon - "An ethereal pale silvery pink highlighter with violet iridescence."

I think this will look so pretty as a highlighter, but I might even use it as a blush if I'm feeling really crazy one day.

Vodnik - "A vivid emerald green blush with blue iridescence."

This is supposed to be a blush, and I swatched it as such. However, I will probably never use this as a blush, it will probably be used as an eyeshadow instead.

Darling Girl COTMs:

lovewins -

This was the gift with purchase when I ordered a few other things from Darling Girl, so I figured I'd include it even though it's no longer available. It's pretty, but I think I have a few other shades similar to it.

Bewitching Pucker Paint - "Rich magenta."

This was a limited edition Pucker Paint because it was an oops shade. I decided to grab it, as this is actually my first time trying any of the Darling Girl lip products. I didn't know it was as matte as this one turned out, I thought they were more glossy. But I really like it, once it dries it doesn't transfer to a glass which I love. And it didn't feel super drying either. The color is very pretty, but I will have to try to get the color a bit more uniform the next time I apply.

Vampire Barbie Sparkle-matte-ic - "Crimson red with pink holo-sparkle."

This was July's COTM, which I saw and knew I had to have. It's a dark red that's matte but has some sparkle in it. I actually couldn't see the sparkle at all. One thing to note, is the oil from the formula did leak out of the tube if it was laying on it's side. I wouldn't put this in a purse or anything like that. That sucks because I would love to travel with this, and maybe I will if I put it in a separate bag and take off the label sticker.

Glamour Doll Eyes GWPs:

Courtships & Chivalry - "Yellow gold with a very subtle purple sparkle sheen and golden shimmers."

This was June's GWP (Gift with Purchase) shadow. It's a beautiful gold shadow, I would love to make this into an eyeliner.

Acushla - "A soft coral with a soft green to silver shift and silver & pink sparkles."

This is July's GWP, which looks more pink to me than coral, but I like it. It's definitely something I'll wear over Pixie Epoxy or foil with Foil Me.

#lovewins -

There's no description for this shade because it was a special GWP to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage. We didn't know what the shade looked like before it arrived, so it was a nice surprise! It's a beautiful light royal purple with tons of multicolored sparkles. A rainbow if you will.

Glamour Doll Eyes Shorties:

Alimony Check - "A soft chartreuse with a gold to copper shift."

Shorties were created because Vanessa from Glamour Doll Eyes found a stash of pigments that were discontinued, but wanted to come up with some shadow colors using them. So all of these Shorties are limited edition, never to be made again. I decided to grab all four of the first batch of them because I loved the metallic finish they had. This one is like a metallic chartreuse and reminds me of money. Very pretty.

kthanksbye - "Deep blue with a blue green flash and a very subtle pink to purple sparkle."

I just love the surprise you get when you swatch this color, in the jar it doesn't look that exciting. But it turns into a beautiful stormy blue with a blue sheen.

Organized Vanity - "Deep gold with a metallic copper sheen and a very subtle blue sparkle."

I just can't get enough of these kinds of browns, and this one has some blue sparkles in it that are pretty easy to see. 

Weird-Ometer - "Dirty mauve with a silver, green and blue shift."

The sheen of this shadow is really prominent, and I can't wait to wear this over some Pixie Epoxy all by itself. I think the duochrome will be really obvious.

Shiro Cosmetics COTMs:

Scarlet Witch - "Soft mid-grey base with a strong red shift."

This was Shiro's June COTM, which I wasn't going to get until I some some looks wearing it. I will probably wear this lightly dusted on all over the lid and see if I can get the red sheen to show.

It's FuriOsa, Not FurioSAH - "Powerful desert rust, stronger on skin than in the jar, with glimmers of gold."

And this is Shiro's July COTM which I was kind of hoping wasn't as matte as it is. Shiro's swatches can be kind of deceiving sometimes, but this is like a matte rust red shade.

Availability - As of the writing of this post, everything that has a link is still available for purchase, and the GWP for Glamour Doll Eyes for July is also still available if you make a $10+ purchase.

Recommendation - I think the must-haves from the COTMs for June and July is definitely Aromaleigh's Jezibaba, Darling Girl's Vampire Barbie, Glamour Doll Eyes' Organized Vanity and Weird-Ometer.

What did you think of June and July's COTMs? Let me know in the comments!

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