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May 9, 2014

Update May 9th

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you all a little update on what's going on around here, and give you a little idea of what to expect from this blog this month! Don't worry it's not bad, all good stuff! You may have noticed I usually post one or two posts everyday, and I want to keep that up, some days I do get a little behind though.

My boyfriend, B lives about two hours away from me right now, so every two weeks or so I drive over there and sometimes reviews and things go by the wayside. All my boxes are delivered to my house, so when I'm visiting him I don't get a chance to catch up on photos or write reviews as much. I usually just post some fun things like Julep deals, or some spoilers, because they don't take me as much time as the reviews. I usually visit B for a week or so, then drive back home where I can get caught up and that's what I've been doing today. This was what I came home to, after only a week:

That's my cat Dipper, she's awesome and really old, like 17 I think, but I feel so lucky that she doesn't seem to have any health problems and she's tiny so she doesn't act her age lol! She had to come say hi to me when I got home :)

You may be able to guess what reviews I'm working on based on that photo, but today I spent about 2 hours going through those, photographing, editing and organizing them. 

Here's what I just got today that I'm going to start working on reviews: Julep Maven May Fresh Twist Collection review, Julep Secret Store order, Birchbox Limited Edition In Full Bloom box, a huge Birchbox haul that is probably going to take me some time to review (hint: it's a bunch of theBalm products!), the Ipsy Coastal Scents 22-count Brush Set that was an ipsyme event a week ago, April's Fancy Tyler Florence box, and I still haven't tried anything from my April Hatchery box so that needs to happen before a review can go up.

Items I'm still expecting sometime this week: The rest of my Birchbox haul (long story my order had so many problems), at least one of my May Birchboxes (hopefully the other two will ship soon), my April Glossybox, and the Rainbow Honey Mother's Day Mystery Bag.

What else I'm expecting this month that I don't know when it will ship: Two May Birchboxes, my May Ipsy bag, May's Pijonbox, May's POPSUGAR Must Have box, possibly my Quarterly Co. Veronica Belmont #NOM07? (I really have no idea they've delayed the freaking thing for 6 months or so, due to a hand-crafted item which I have predictions about what that is, but the site just keeps saying shipping next month, every month).

Other reviews coming soon: I just received a lovely Kate Spade bag as a gift for my birthday so I'm hoping to review that, as well as a Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette review, May's Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag, and I plan on ordering one or two May Glossybox + Bergdorf Goodman boxes. 

There are a few others, that may go up whenever there's a lull in the boxes arriving, but who knows when that will be. And keep an eye out for the Julep Golden Ticket Mystery Box spoilers, they will hopefully be here before Monday, which I believe is the last day to purchase them. Oh and if you won something from a giveaway I held, it's coming! It's sitting here all packed with your name on it, I'm just the worst at getting to the post office!

FOOD POSTS! I need to post more of them. They've fallen by the wayside and I am kicking myself for not wanting to cook anything lately, and even worse I've forgotten to take food photos for almost all of my meals. I was so good at remembering! When I stopped working on this blog for a year and a half almost I created a huge backlog of photos and stuff to post though, so maybe I can do a few of those soon. Seriously, I have a giant list of them all. Maybe I can make a goal of two a week? How does that sound?

I also wanted to thank you guys for using my referral and affiliate links, I really appreciate it. It all goes back into this blog, so by doing that I can post more reviews and get more items and boxes for review, so thank you again! And if you have any questions or requests for me you can email me :)

Tonight, I'm going to probably paint my nails with the new Julep Plie Wand, and possibly get started on some of the reviews!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate/referral links!


  1. Busy lady! I love reading your posts and I can't wait to find out what you think of the Plie wand. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to practice with it :)

  2. I love reading your posts, too! Wait till you open the In Full Bloom box--it's the BEST BOX EVER!! I love it. :)
    xo Purple Orchid

    1. I opened it last night, it was amazing! I loved everything, so glad I decided to get it :)


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