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May 10, 2014

Tyler Florence Fancy Box April 2014 Review

My April Tyler Florence Fancy Box arrived! I don't know if I could ever avoid spoilers for this box, because it pretty much always take a week to get to me. I originally decided to get this box as a good way to collect some kitchen necessities, and I think it's paying off!

This box is shipped via FedEx and this one took 7 days to arrive, from Massachusetts to California. I just don't understand why Fancy is still charging a ridiculous amount for shipping on top of their fairly expensive box price when my box still takes a week to arrive. I do appreciate that it arrives to the door instead of in my mailbox though.

Fancy has some new info cards, or rather card, which I like much better, because I have to admit I've been keeping all my box info cards. Probably a terrible habit, but one single card is much better than one for every item like they used to do. But please Fancy, check for typos! I've found a typo in each info card I've received from them.

White Marble Mortar and Pestle - ($20) This is a really nice set, but I will admit I have absolutely no idea what would be worth using this for? I understand the concept, there just seem like other appliances that will do the same job just as well. Don't know, I'll have to check out some recipes.

Vegetable Steamer - ($8) One of my favorite things in the world is a steamed artichoke with butter, so this will be perfect for making them!

Single Herb Pot - ($40) This is ceramic and really nicely made, but I don't know that I would pay $40 for it. For $40 I want the dirt and the seeds, and this doesn't come with that!

I Peeler - ($9) Ooh a fancy peeler, I'll have to see how well this works, but it looks like it's good quality.

Wooden Citrus Reamer - ($7) This will be perfect for when I'm trying to juice a lime that's just too hard. Usually I use a fork to try and get it to juice, but sometimes even that doesn't work. I hope this does!

Tomato Huller - ($5) I'm a big fan of Alton Brown and he is not a fan of any kitchen item that can only be used for one thing, it has to multi-task! So we'll see if can be used for anything else, but B doesn't care for tomatoes mostly because of the seeds, so this might be handy to get him to eat tomatoes!

Tater Mate Brush & Eye Remover - ($9) This will be nice, sometimes potatoes get forgotten about and start growing sprouts, so this could be used to remove those!

Overall, this Tyler Florence Fancy Box had a total value of $98 which pretty good considering the $39 price tag plus $7.95 shipping. I do love that there are so many kitchen essentials in this box, but I do wish there was more of a theme, and maybe a snack or two occasionally!

Fancy offers all kinds of monthly boxes, as well as a Mystery Box. If you'd like to subscribe to any of the other Fancy boxes, you can click on the photos below. Most of them are $39 plus $7.95 shipping, but you can use the code FOLLOWUP10 to save 10% off your order! They also offer these other boxes:
Fancy Box Fancy Food Box Subscription Kelly Rowland Fancy Box Subscription
            Fancy Box - $39                 Fancy Food Box - $39       Kelly Rowland Fancy Box - $39

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Subscription Coco Rocha Fancy Box Subscription Verbal Fancy Box Subscription
Jennifer Love Hewitt Box - $39  Coco Rocha Fancy Box - $39  Verbal Fancy Box -$39

Tyler Florence Fancy Box Subscription Snoop Dogg Fancy Box Isaac Mizrahi Fancy Box

Tyler Florence Fancy Box - $39  Snoop Dogg Fancy Box - $42  Isaac Mizrahi Fancy Box - $39

                                                                                    Coming soon

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