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June 10, 2014

Julep Maven June 2014 Review

My Julep Maven June box finally arrived, and I'm one of what seems like only a few people who didn't care so much for the Three Wishes Collection this month! So I didn't upgrade like I normally do, but I actually went with Core Classics which is a first for me. And then I added on a couple colors that I did like.

Usually my Julep Maven boxes are shipped USPS Priority 2-Day (not everyone gets this perk every month for unknown reasons, but so far mine has always been 2-day), but for some reason this month mine was sent DHL which meant it took 6 days to arrive from Washington to California. I don't know why it changed, maybe it was just because I didn't pick a box with polish in it, I just got some as add ons. I also had a strange "Notice Left" delivery issue for mine which I don't know the cause of, but basically my box was an additional day later than it should have been.

This month was the Three Wishes Collection and the bonus items this month were Pixy Sticks! I haven't had these in years, but I got three red ones and ate them immediately.

I have heard from some that their Maven boxes were packaged terribly and missing items, so I was glad to see that everything was packed nicely and nothing was missing in my box this month.

Everything I got this month! It felt pretty nice to know I restrained myself, and only got two polishes this month, and mainly went for products!

Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil - ($23/$18.40 Maven) I've actually been really loving the body oil that came in an Honest Co. box I received, so I was hoping this would be similar. I can't wait to try it, it smells lovely, very florally.

Bare Face Cleansing Oil - ($28/$20 Maven Sale) I have heard such great things about this product, so I was glad I was finally able to try it myself! I opened it to smell it and was convinced it was just olive oil, and in the ingredients list it has a mix of grape seed oil, olive oil, grapefruit peel, and a few other ingredients. I feel like it's one of those things you could make yourself, but I'm interested to see how well it works!

They upped the add on polish prices from $4.99 to $6.99 this month which I did not appreciate. Usually I upgrade to get all the polishes so I haven't added on too many polishes except the exclusive add on color they have almost every month, but I am a little irked that it seems like Julep is acting like a data company, trying to drive us all over to a more expensive plan (i.e. the customizable box). 

Katerina - ($14/$11.20 Maven) This is more like a shimmery top coat, it doesn't really show by itself. But it will change the look of any polish color it goes over.

Jennine - ($14/$11.20 Maven) This was the only shade that I really loved this month, and seeing it in person it's just so stunning! I love these stardust finishes, they really are beautiful.

Overall, I'm really happy with what I chose this month, I can't wait to try the products.

With the various tiered price plans now, it's a little more difficult to do a price breakdown, and I haven't been so I won't start now. But because I was a little disappointed with this month's color choices, I decided to use some Jules for my box, so it wasn't that much. I'm still waiting for some more swatches to come out before I decide if I want any of the other colors this month, but so far most of them haven't appealed to me.

What did you think of this month's June Julep Maven collection? Let me know in the comments!

New Julep Mavens can customize their box as much (or as little) as they like. Sign up for 1 month and pay $24.99/month, or sign up for 3 months and pay only $19.99/month! Take the style quiz and enter HELLOYOU at checkout to get your first box free, just pay $2.99 for shipping!

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  1. I am loving Katerina! I also think Bergen and Ariana are awesome too. I'm surprised you didn't try/review the new base and top coat. :)

    1. I just hate the Freedom top coat so much, I wanted to wait for others to review them before I spent my money! I like Bergen too, but I want to see Ariana swatched next to some other colors first before deciding. I just went through my stash and sold dupes, so I don't need more dupes!

  2. I can't wait for mine to get here because I also got Katerina and Jeannine. I went with Arianna as well. I can't wait because I love Stardust polishes and have been waiting since February for more to come!

    1. Their Stardust finishes really are my favorite finish they make. So pretty!


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