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June 4, 2014

Mistobox Review

This review is way overdue, but I wanted to wait for the coffee to actually be finished before I wrote the review! I gifted Mistobox to my dad for his birthday because he's impossible to buy for, but he loves coffee, so I thought this would be interesting for him to try some fancier coffee other than Keurig K-Cups, and the Starbucks beans he usually gets!

Here's what arrived:

Bowtruss Costa Rice La Cuesta Micro-Lot - ($5/1.7oz)

Onyx Coffee Lab Ethiopia Misty Valley - ($5/1.7oz)

My dad really enjoyed all of the coffee, it all smelled lovely, and was a great way to branch out and try coffee from all over the world!

Overall, this Mistobox was worth about $20, and I paid $28 for the gift with a discount, normally this would have been $35. While it's nice you get a chance to try a few different kinds of coffee, I don't know if the value is there to justify subscribing to this service every month. It's nice as a gift for coffee lovers, but I won't continue my subscription.

If you'd like to try Mistobox you can subscribe here and they have two different subscription sizes: $19/month for four 1.7oz bags of whole coffee beans hand selected every month, or $30/month for four 3.4oz bags of whole coffee beans. You can also subscribe every two weeks if you'd like. If you subscribe, I'd love it if you said Kelly Silva referred you in the referral box at check out!

1 comment :

  1. Do NOT buy from MistoBox. They accepted my payment over two weeks ago and I still have not even so much as received an email confirmation or receipt. I chose the gift option and the receipient aslo has not heard a word. I have emailed the information address on the website as well as my "coffee curators" and they have been non-responsive. They were more than eager to take my money, but unwilling to deliver any product or customer service. I have requested a refund, but no surprise, have not heard anything. Warning -don't waste your time or money!


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