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August 18, 2014

Memebox Special #22 2014 K-Beauty Wrap-Up #1 Review

Getting these express shipped Memebox bundles are totally spoiling me! The Special #22 2014 K-Beauty Wrap Up #1 box arrived the other day, and I was so surprised to see not one, but two fragrances! I've been getting more into fragrances and perfumes lately if you've noticed, so I was really excited for these.

If you don't know what Memebox is, it's a company that sells various themed boxes of Korean skincare and beauty cosmetics. You can buy boxes separately, or in bundle sets. Unfortunately you will pay for shipping on each box, but if you get a set, you get an upgrade to express shipping for the same price as regular shipping.

Memeboxes are shipped from Korea via DHL. I got this box in a set with express shipping, so it arrived in 3 days accounting for time zone differences from Korea to California.

Here's the info card, there were a lot of possible variations you could get for this box, so keep an eye out for that if you also got this box.

Secret Key Body & Dress Perfume Mist 02 - (80ml full size/$10)

Product description: "From jasmine, musk, citrus to floral and fruity, Secret Key's popular Perfume Mist comes in 7 different fragrances each with its own flavor and spice to it! These Perfume Mists can be sprayed on your body, hair, and clothes."

How to use: "Spray the Perfume Mist generously over wherever you wish to apply the scent."

My thoughts: I have been trying and trying to find what this scent is supposed to be and all I found is the scent notes in Korean in an image on the Secret Key Korean website. Mine smells kind of fresh and powdery, possibly a floral in there. I can't really tell. I do like the scent, I just wish I knew what it was supposed to be. And what the others are in case I wanted to buy some of the others.

W.Holic Roll On Perfume in Blackberry - (10ml full size/$21)

Product description: "Free of any alcohol and other chemicals, WHolic fragrance oils consist of only fruit and other natural ingredients that won't irritate the skin. The fragrance consists of a top, middle, and base note that caresses the entire body, leaving a subtle fragrance that lasts all day."

How to use: "Roll on the perfume onto your wrists, neck and wherever else needed on the body for a subtle fragrance."

My thoughts: Out of the bottle this scent smells exactly like tomato vines, then once it starts to dry down on the skin it smells more sweet like blackberries. The green vine element is still there, so it gives the scent more of a blackberry bush type scent. I really like it, and I'd be interested in possibly getting more of these perfumes.

RiRe Lip Manicure in Rich Raspberry - (10ml full size/$18)

Product description: "RiRe's sensational lip series - Lip Manicure - refers to 7 different vivid lip colors that boost the level of color radiance and long-lasting finish of nail manicures. Plus, they're totally waterproof and do not wear off when you eat, drink, or talk."

How to use: "Thinly apply the Lip Manicure over your lips as you would with an actual nail polish. Do not touch or close your mouth for a minute until it completely dries."

My thoughts: I tested this out at a beer fest, and found that it while it does not come off on a cup while drinking, it does come off when eating. I had a greasy burger, and pretty much all of it came off while eating it. It dries really matte without being drying on your lips, but you will want to definitely condition your lips well before applying this product. I love this color, it's like a lovely pinky red shade. I found I had a hard time applying it straight from the tube though, it may work better with the help of a lip brush. The applicator is a doe foot wand, but it picks up so much product that I applied it to my bottom lip, and then rubbed my lips together. Maybe it would have a different lasting effect if I applied it to both, but here is a swatch:

This was before I went to the beer fest, it's hard to tell in the photo but I did my first winged eye liner in this look! It took a while, and a few mess ups were made that I corrected, but I didn't do bad! But back to the lip manicure product, I love that I could drink out of a cup and my lipstick didn't all come off. But it's probably not going to last through eating anything messy.

The Skin House Dr. Clear Magic Stick Roll - (15ml full size/$22)

Product description: "Dr. Clear Magic Stick Roll is an easy to carry around roll-on type of spot treatment and it can be used wherever your skin is in need of emergency care."

How to use: "Gently roll the Magic Stick Roll over troublesome spots on your face."

My thoughts: I just got another spot treatment product in one of my other boxes, so I will probably save this one for after I finish the first product. It will be interesting to compare the two though as I don't think I've ever really used many spot treatments.

Secret Nature From Jeju Cream - (50ml full size/$31)

Product description: "Made from organic broccoli, aloe vera leaf, asparagus, and carrot extracts all cultivated pesticide-free in the Jeju Island, Secret Nature's From Jeju Cream is extremely gentle to skin and works to deeply nouris and create a protective moisture layer over your skin to lock in the moisture, for a more radiant and glowing complexion."

How to use: "Apply the cream at the last stage of your skincare routine and gently pat it in for full absorption."

My thoughts: I'm surprised this wasn't in the Superfood box, but I like the packaging. I will use this, but I'm already accumulating products that are to be used as the last skincare routine step.

OSEQUE Dual Sun Block - (70ml full size/$46)

Product description: "This is a mild sunblock enriched with various naturally-derived ingredients and suitable to be used for all family members. A distinctive feature of the Dual Sun Bloc is that it's spray-type on one end and cream-type on the other end, so you can choose which application you prefer on different parts of your body and for different occasions."

How to use: "Spray or spread the Sun Block over your face and body before heading outdoors and re-apply every couple of hours for best results. (Note: when used as a spray-type, make sure to shake it enough before application.)"

My thoughts: I have so much sunscreen I just don't know if I'll ever get through as I'm not outdoors much. When I am though I slather it on me, but I really like this concept of spray or cream sunscreen in one. It's a very innovative idea especially when I like sprays for my arms and legs, but a cream for my face.

Overall, this Memebox had a total value of $148 which is very high and I really like all of the products. It was a little surprising to see two fragrances in this box, but I like both of them, so it was a good thing for me. And I might consider trying the W.Holic perfume in another scent, and the Lip Manicure in another color. So a big win for me!

Gently guiding your discovery, Memebox offers the utmost freedom by steering away from traditional subscription-based programs. Order from Memebox only when you want to, as often as you want to.

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