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August 13, 2014

Memebox Special #25 Traveller's Beauty Kit Review

My first Memeboxes arrived today! I was so excited I sat by the door and waited for the nice DHL Express delivery guy to arrive! The first one I opened was the Special #25 Traveller's Beauty Kit box, which I was already liking at the first look.

If you don't know what Memebox is, it's a company that sells various themed boxes of Korean skincare and beauty cosmetics. You can buy boxes separately, or in bundle sets. Unfortunately you will pay for shipping on each box, but if you get a set, you get an upgrade to express shipping for the same price as regular shipping.

Memeboxes are shipped from Korea via DHL. I got this box in a set with express shipping, so it arrived in 3 days accounting for time zone differences from Korea to California.

First look! The box was jam-packed with all kinds of goodies!

Memebox includes these really detailed info cards with each brand and product on it that's included in the box, along with price, weight/volume of each product, a description of what the product does, and how to use it. The only thing it's missing is an ingredient list in English, because not all of the products always list them in English on the packaging itself. But many do, and I'm happy with the amount of information included on the card.

Easydew EX Active Soothing Serum - (5ml/~$14 value)

Product Description: "Easydew EX's Active Soothing Serum is made from natural Swiss glacier water which works to cool and refresh dry, irritated skin and the monk's pepper berries complex which works to soothe and repair damaged skin."

How to use: "After toner application, spread 2-3 drops of the serum evenly over your face and pat it in for full absorbance."

My thoughts: I don't really know what to think about this product until I try it, but it's a sample size, which is nice for travel, but not so good for determining whether or not I like it. And as it's a $83 product in full size, I probably won't be buying it even if I do like it anyways.

S&B Aqua Tint Orange - (3.2ml full size/$4)

Product description: "This Aqua Tint is not your average cotton swab, because it combines the functions of a cotton swab and a lip tint in one sensational item! Simply twist one end of the cotton swab and you'll see how the liquid tint from inside slides down to the other tip! This is the ultimate throw-away type of lip tint to carry around with you wherever you go."

How to use: "Twist open one end of the cotton swab and when the other tip gets stained from the liquid tint inside, apply it to your lips. Discard the cotton swab after use."

My thoughts: I actually like this lip tint, it's more of a red orange, and while it's kind of convenient and you can share with someone without having them use your own product, the case for the swabs is larger than just a regular lip tint product would be. A novelty item for sure.

You can see the swabs are filled with the liquid tint, and then once you unscrew the cap it  releases the tint into the bottom swab.

Swatch of the S&B Aqua Tint Orange. It's more like a red-orange, and it very light. It's not that drying, but will accentuate any dryness you already have, so you may want to exfoliate and moisturize before using.

Pure Smile Hand Gel Maldives Dancing Waters - (30ml full size/$2)

Product description: "Made from collagen extracts, jojoba extracts, and ascorbyl palmitate widely acknowledged for its moisture lock-in capability, Pure Smile's Hand Gel in Maldives Dancing Waters will hydrate, clean, and refresh your easily-contaminated hands. It comes in a small, cute packaging and is easy to carry around wherever you go."

How to use: "Apply an adequate amount over dry hands and pat it in until it's fully absorbed."

My thoughts: It's hand sanitizer. Not that exciting, but the bottle is cute. It's hard to notice the scent over the alcohol smell, but it's ok.

ideeB ideeB Sweet Jelish Eyeliner - (3g full size/$11) In 02 Ultra Fine Pearl Black or 03 Champagne Gold Brown

Product description: "An eyeliner and an eye shadow combined in one smart, easy-to-apply item, ideeB's Sweet Jelish Eyeliner comes in three most popular eye makeup colors and its softly gliding, creamy gel texture makes it possible for makeup beginners to feature a finely defined and naturally blended look! Plus, it's totally waterproof and won't ever wear off from water, tears, or sweat."

How to use: "First, fill in between your lashes with the eyeliner and then connect it into one smooth line, finishing with a fine line at the end of your eye contours. Let it dry for 10-20 seconds. When used as an eye shadow, blend it in right after application before it starts to dry."

My thoughts: I'm happy I got the brown eyeliner, it's a very pretty shimmery brown.

NoTS UV Protection Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ - (26g/~$19.25)

Product description: "With a strong level of UV protection, this Sun Cream is gentle in its formula and works to not only protect the skin but also to hydrate and smooth out the skin texture."

How to use: "Apply evenly over your face, neck, and along your arms at the last stage of your skincare routine. It's recommended to be applied 30 minutes before heading outdoors, and re-applied every couple of hours."

My thoughts: Inside the box are a bunch of foil packets, which is handy for travel, but annoying for getting the right amount of sunscreen for your face and body.

T.P.O No-Wash Toner Sheet - (30ml full size/$7)

Product description: "T.P.O's No-Wash Toner Sheet is a cleansing tissue which works to remove even the most stubborn makeup residues from your face without having to rinse off afterwards. This all-in-one cleansing tissue is the perfect beauty essential for when you need to quickly, easily yet thoroughly cleanse all unnecessary gunk out of your face."

How to use: "Gently wipe away with the No-Wash Toner Sheet."

My thoughts: Inside the box is a packet that is resealable with makeup remover wipes. I love using remover wipes because let's face it, taking off your makeup each night is annoying. I'm low on my regular wipes, so I'm happy to have a backup.

Pure Smile Powder in Refresh Sheets - (32ml full size/$1)

Product description: "Refresh with Pure Smile's handy deodorant functional sheets with a powder-infused formula that works to clean, refresh, and remove bad odor from sweaty areas of your body."

How to use: "Gently wipe a sheet over your under-arms, neck, or wherever else you wish to freshen up."

My thoughts: Deodorant wipes may not be very exciting, but I definitely don't mind these for travel. Although most of the worst summer heat is over, I'll probably still use these. Because sometimes you just forget to put on deodorant. I hope that isn't just me!

Amini Amini Traveller Kit (Moisturizing Body Cleanser and Moisturizing Body Emulsion) - (30ml each full size/$10)

Product description: "Enriched with various organic extracts and natural essential oil, Amini's popular Traveller Kit consists of a Moisturizing Body Cleanser for gently cleansing your body and a Moisturizing Body Emulsion for re-filling moisture deep down into your skin."

How to use: "Lather the Body Cleanser with your hands or a bath towel and gently massage it all over your body. Rinse off. Then, after towel drying your wet body, massage the Body Emulsion generously over your body."

My thoughts: It's a travel sized body wash and lotion. Like you would get at a hotel. Kind of boring. And my Body Emulsion leaked a little in transit. 

Memebox Traveller's Kit Pouch - (Value unknown) This is not listed on the info card, but was promised to be in the box based on the description of this box. It's fairly cheap looking, but it is kind of nice to be able to see what's in it at a glance. But if anything spills, it will get all over everything, so there's the downside to this pouch.

Overall, this Memebox had a total value of $68.25 which is pretty good considering this box originally was sold for $23. It is now sold out, but overall I thought this was an ok box. I like the lip tint, and the makeup remover wipes, and everything else is useful, but not that exciting. Although, I do have to say all of this stuff is very travel friendly.

If you'll remember though, Memebox revealed a product they said would be in this box, which was these Sunless Tanning Tissues:
I emailed them about this, and they said that they didn't spoil this item for this box...umm what? I sent screenshots, there's no denying it. So they straight up lied to me and customers. I've been following Memebox for a while, and this has been happening a lot lately. I honestly didn't really want the tanning tissues, but I think they should at least acknowledge the missing product and give people some points for their mistake. Instead, they choose to just ignore it. It's not professional and it is misrepresentation of your product and lying in advertising. I'm going to keep at it until something is done.

Gently guiding your discovery, Memebox offers the utmost freedom by steering away from traditional subscription-based programs. Order from Memebox only when you want to, as often as you want to.

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