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August 13, 2014

Rainbow Honey August 2014 Mystery Bag Review

Rainbow Honey recently introduced a subscription bag, offering the mini or the large size Mystery Bag for $10 or $25 per month respectively. They still be offer the one-off monthly Mystery Bags as well. It's a great way to try their new products first, because they get released in the Mystery Bag before they are sold separately on the site. Each version includes 3 completely new polish colors, and a few other beauty products that are new as well.

The Mystery Bags are shipped via USPS, and this month's arrived in 3 days from New Jersey to California.

Info card with all the details for this month.

Modern Hearts - (5ml/15ml) Ugh, another pink and yellow glitter? We got one in May too, and I'm just so over all the pink.

488nm - (5ml/15ml) This looks nice, but it's nothing special, and I probably have a few shades in my collection similar to this already. Not stoked for this color either.

Royal Fruits Scented Top Coat - (5ml/15ml) I do really like their scented top coats, so I'm glad to see one of these in the bag. Last time we got something similar was a base coat all the way back in April. so I'm more excited about this than the actual polishes.

Here are all the pinks that have been sent out in the mystery bags for the last five months. Rainbow Honey, please do something other than pink. It's almost Fall and there are so many other colors to be done for the mystery bags other than pink every month. Literally one every month since April as shown below:

Cameo 18 - April bag
Stellar Treat - April bag
Rose Macaron - June bag
Neon Blossom - May bag
Pikake - June bag
Ichigo - June bag, ignore my half empty dried up bottle, I have a full size replacement
Chemical Plant - July bag

Modern Hearts - August bag

Royal Fruits Scented Cuticle Balm - (.15oz) I do like this scent, it smells like warm fruit salad to me, but better than that description! I would like some other products though other than just cuticle balm or lip balm every month.

Royal Fruits Perfume - (4ml/12ml) Like I said, I like this scent, but there are other products that could be done other than a perfume every month. This one especially only lasts a very short time. I think it was pretty much gone after only an hour. Not very good staying power.

Summer Juice Body Splash - (1oz/4oz) I do mostly like the lip balm/cuticle balm, perfume combo we've been getting lately, but getting something new is nice too. Not sure though why this scent doesn't match the Royal Fruits stuff, as I like that scent better than Summer Juice.

Overall, this month was kind of a bummer for me. I'm most excited about the scented top coat, and while I do like the Royal Fruits scent, I'm over fruit scents and pink polishes in this bag. Also tired of the same products every month. I have so much perfume and cuticle balm I'm never going to get through from this. I'll see what's in store for September, but I may have to let this sub go soon.

What do you think of the August Mystery Bag? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Wow! You get all that for $10? I might try it.

    1. Well $10 plus shipping. It's great if you like sparkly polish!