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October 24, 2014

Indie Weekends: Haus of Gloi Autumn Collection Part 2 Review

Part 2 of the Haus of Gloi Autumn Collection is here! I didn't get much because I think I spaced on the release, but I got most of what I wanted. The perfume is my favorite thing to get because it's cheap for a sample, I get a sense of all the scents, and it's small to store. The only thing that I did really want, but didn't get was a hair oil. I'll just wait for the winter collection!

If you have no idea what Haus of Gloi is, they are an Indie bath and body company based in Oregon. They sell perfumes, scrubs, soaps, pumpkin butters (which are their extremely moisturizing lotions), hair oils, lip balms, and a few other various products. Everything is handmade and their scents are their own original creations. They have a main line of scents that are sold year round, and then they have quarterly seasonal limited edition collections.

They had a little bit of a longer turnaround time for this part of the collection, so I made two orders and then they both shipped together. Haus of Gloi is pretty magical in that they automatically group orders going to the same place together, and you don't even have to tell them. As long as neither of them have shipped yet, they will group them and refund you any excess shipping. I made the second order 8 days after the first, and then were shipped 2 days after that. I received them 6 days after shipping via USPS from Oregon to California. There was a holiday weekend in there, so that's why the shipping took longer than it normally does.

Here's everything I ordered! The full size perfume was the only thing from my second order, as it was a Candy Bowl scent that was restocked. In the fall, Haus of Gloi always wraps everything in this pretty Autumn themed tissue paper.

I meant to get B to help me with this review, but as we are still long distance at the moment, it just didn't happen, we had a lot of ramen to eat...I will try to get his thoughts going forward though!

Blood Orange Marshmallow - "Blood orange infused in rich homemade marshmallows."

This was one of the Candy Bowl scents, which were only sold in full size, and were mostly a 1-2 note candy scented perfume! When they first went on sale, the only one I wanted was this Blood Orange Marshmallow one, but it sold out before I remembered to check if the second part of the collection went up. But! They restocked these scents later in the week, and I snatched up the Blood Orange Marshmallow like a crazy person! I mean, normal people don't just willy-nilly buy full size perfumes without smelling them right? Indie perfume will do that to you, plus I've actually smelled other blood orange marshmallow mixes and they smelled divine, so I had the feeling I would like this one. And I'm delaying telling you how I feel about it, because I wasn't trying to eat my arm like I thought I would. I think it could have used a little more marshmallow and less blood orange, as it ended up smelling like straight blood orange in the bottle and on my skin. Maybe if I mixed it with Ghost Puffs it would be sort of what I was looking for. Put on Ghost Puffs first and wait for the marshmallow cream scent, and then dab a little of this over that. An experiment for another day.

Caramel Apple Lip Balm - "Bright red apple and gooey caramel."

I love these lip balms! This flavor is not overwhelmingly apple or caramel, but instead just a hint of both. I've been keeping this next to the couch for when I'm watching TV, and I'm always grabbing for it. The other one I bought from the part 1 review, is in my purse, so I really like them! I will probably keep buying the lip balms from the future seasonal collections.

Fall Air Butter Bomb - "Green ozone notes, a touch of lavender and the barest wisp of woodsmoke."

I think those are the right scent notes for the butter bomb? They took this product completely off the website, so I had to go searching around for them, and I couldn't even find the notes for the Lavender Amber one. I always hate it when a store does that, just leave the page up and listed as out of stock. It breaks people's links and makes it hard to find certain information when you completely take down the page. But, back to what I think of the Fall Air Butter Bomb...I think the lavender really takes over in this bath bomb, but you can still catch some of the green ozone notes. And then if you really breathe in the scent, you get the woodsmoke at the very end. These bath bombs are heavily scented, so you could easily use half if you wanted, or use the whole thing if you had a really bad day.

Lavender Amber Butter Bomb - "Two ambers, gold and dark blended with our lovely Bulgarian lavender."

When you compare this to the Fall Air Butter Bomb, this is definitely lavender. And if this is what Haus of Gloi's lavender note smells like, I want all the lavender products! It's very mellow, but soothing and relaxing. And mixed with the amber it's really quite nice. I don't think this one is as strong as Fall Air, but it's still got a punch to it. Unfortunately, my tub right now is having problems, so I won't be able to actually test these until I move, which is still being delayed. I have heard good things about them being really moisturizing, so if you like bath bombs, I would recommend trying these.

Cozy Sweater - "Pale skin musk, faded perfume, Egyptian amber, softly burning nag champa incense and a fine aged vanilla."

This is one of the permanent line scents that many like to purchase during the fall because it's comforting, and reminds you of fall weather. The first time I wore this it smelled really lovely and comforting, exactly like a cozy sweater. And then I wore it another day, and maybe I put it on too heavily or something weird was going on, but it started to give me a headache. I had to wash it off immediately. So, I'm kind of so-so on this one. I'm not quite sure which note was giving me a problem, but possibly the nag champa, but I think I can wear this if I use it lightly.

Golden Corn Cakes - "Corn cake baked to a golden perfection, topped with butter and honey."

This definitely smells like cornbread with honey butter out of the bottle, and on the skin the corn note (is that even a thing?) gives way pretty quickly to the butter and honey. It's very light, very mellow, not much silage at all. But it's a nice foodie scent without being overly sweet or desserty, and after dry down it doesn't smell like food much at all. Mostly just honey and butter, with a slightly savory note.

Pumpkin Patch - "Dried leaves, twisted vines, orange pumpkins, golden amber and earth."

This is definitely more like the outdoors version of the Pumpkin Eater perfume, less food and more dirt and leaves. It's not very strong and doesn't last very long, but it smells lovely. I think this would have been great as a hair oil, but unfortunately it's no longer available in any of the products. It's definitely more of a woodsy scent than foodie scent, and out of the bottle it smells a little of peaches to me.

Overall, I enjoyed part 2 of the Haus of Gloi Autumn Collection, I like the idea of the Candy Bowl scents, even though I usually don't blindly buy a full size perfume. I thought the Butter Bombs smelled amazing, and I will probably buy more of those, even though I don't take many baths. I will take baths just to use these, that's how much I like the scents. And Cozy Sweater is definitely a scent for fall, even if it is a permanent scent, and I see why. The Reverie scents were quite nice, I'm sad I missed out on S'mores though.

What do you think of the Haus of Gloi Autumn Collection Part 2? Let me know in the comments!

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