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October 10, 2014

Indie Weekends: Shiro Cosmetics Cheekbones Contouring Powders Collection Review and Swatches

I am extending Indie Weekends into Friday! Too many great things arriving here and the reviews were piling up!

Shiro Cosmetics just introduced their new Sherlock inspired Cheekbones Contouring Powders, and since I have been wanting to try contouring for the longest time, I decided to get samples of the whole collection to try! The collection is very warm toned, but Caitlyn from Shiro has said they will eventually introduce some cooler toned shades as well.

Shiro Cosmetics is an indie makeup company based out of Oregon, that focuses on geeky themed collections inspired by some of our favorite fandoms, including Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Avengers, and others. They offer sample bags, mini jars, and full size jars, and every month they have a color of the month that is voted on by their Facebook page fans.

I placed this order the first day the Cheekbones collection went up for sale, and it shipped via USPS 3 days later, and arrived in 3 days.

Swatches of the Shiro Cosmetics Cheekbones Contouring Powders: An East Wind Coming, A Touch of Drama, The Game Is On, Think. It's The New Sexy, Three Patch Problem

An East Wind Coming - "Near-matte stormcloud grey with a bluish-greenish cast."

I had imagined this shade would be good for pale cool tones, or to mix with other shades, but it's too blue. It basically looks like a swatch of gray on my face. I even tried blending it out more, but it still just looked like a gray line on my cheek. It might still work to mix with other shades though. 

A Touch Of Drama - "Matte reddened nutmeg brown."

This is the darkest shade they currently offer, and it's definitely too dark for me, but it would probably be the right shade for medium skin tones. I might use this as a shadow shade though, just so I have a chance to use it.

The Game Is On - "Slightly yellow-toned cinnamon brown with a matte finish."

This shade is also too dark for me, but would probably be good for light-medium skin tones, especially if they have warm undertones. I'll probably also use this as a shadow.

Think. It's The New Sexy - "Pale creamy highlight, near-matte with the gentlest sheen."

This highlight shade is almost matte, like the description says, but is also almost the same shade as my skin tone. I tried a little above my cheekbones, but you could hardly see it. I might try this as a brow highlight, it might work better for me as that.

Three Patch Problem - "Matte yellow-y medium tan."

I was a little surprised to discover this might be perfect for me as a contour shade. It didn't look too muddy, even though it is warm toned and I'm cool toned. I'll have to play with it more, but I wonder if mixing a little of An East Wind Coming in would make it even more perfect.

Swatch of Shiro Cosmetics I Am Groot over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer

I Am Groot - "Woody brown with complex gold/copper highlights and a strong green shift."

Shiro Cosmetics does a different shadow for Color of the Month each month, and the ideas are thought of and voted on by customers on their Facebook page! It's a lot of fun, and so every month when you make a purchase, you should be sure to check out the Color of the Month page, and check out what's there! For September, I Am Groot won the vote, and Shiro also donated a $1 of every sale from this shadow, to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and they sold a record number, 470 for the month! I was trying to get this post done before the shadow stopped being the Color of the Month, but I just couldn't get it done in time. But, I have the feeling this color will make it into the High Scores, which is where the really popular Color of the Month shades become permanent.

This shade is absolutely beautiful, it could be used by itself, as an accent color, combined with a darker brown for a smoky eye, pretty much anything. I did notice it started to get darker if I rubbed too hard on it, so if you're using it, you might want to pat on and don't blend too much.

Overall, I think if you're light skinned with cool tones, you might want to pass on most of the Cheekbones collection, and maybe just get Three Patch Problem. Or just wait for the cool toned colors to release, which will supposedly eventually happen. And if I Am Groot becomes a permanent shade, get it! It's so pretty, the jar lid art is awesome, and it is so versatile.

Have you purchased anything from Shiro Cosmetics? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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