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November 2, 2014

Indie Weekends: Haunt Beguiling Bath and Body Summer 2014 Collection Review

I recently heard about an indie bath and body company called Haunt Beguiling, and I had heard that their products sell out within hours and sometimes minutes whenever there's a new collection. However, for the summer overstock collection sale, Erin, the owner, decided to make the products to order. It meant that they were available for sale for a few days, and there wasn't a chance things would sell out within those few days. So I took advantage of that, since it would be my first time ordering, and I picked out a few products and scents to try and review!

Haunt only offers seasonal collections as far as I can tell, and some kinds of products are not always offered. For instance she has offered lotions before, but they were not available for the summer collection. And there are no sample sizes, only full size, so I couldn't get every scent offered, only a few I had heard great things about and looked delicious smelling! And because there are no sample sizes, there were also no free samples included with my order, but I didn't expect them. With how nicely the products were packaged and what great quality they are, I didn't even miss getting free samples.

Orders for this sale were stated to ship in 14 business days, I placed my order on the first day of the collection going on sale, and it shipped via USPS Priority 2-day 15 (business) days later, and arrived from New York to California in 2 days.

How beautiful is this wrapping? I love the little drawing, and there was also a card with the same print inside with a handwritten thank you note from Erin. It's the little touches that make an awesome experience with indies. Each product was carefully wrapped with the dragonfly tissue, it was carefully packed, and nothing leaked.

Fathom Perfume Oil - "The blackest of seas, lingering gunpowder, faded leather, salty crates of tea leaves, sugar, tobacco, black pepper, allspice, clove, bay leaf and carnation, and sea-worn wood"

This is very mild, but I think you can pick out some of the individual notes. Definitely a perfume meant for the certain people who enjoy leather or tobacco scents, but I can also pick up the clove and allspice. They aren't too strong though, which is good, because otherwise I think this scent could be headache inducing for me. It stays very close to the skin, but it is beautifully blended, it all swirls together to smell like a pirate ship at sea. Or at least, what I think she was going for with this scent. 
Alva Starr Skin Glossing Oil - "Sweet summer melon, iced peppermint tea, golden brown sugar, bourbon vanilla, pearl musk"

I can smell all of the notes in this product, it's a very summery, sitting on the porch, drinking iced tea kind of scent. These skin glossing oils, are meant to be sprayed on your skin after showering, or just any time, and it will keep it silky, soft, and moisturized, but also smelling delicious. I try to use these especially after shaving my legs, to keep them looking smooth and I really like it for that. I think if you sprayed it over your whole body after showering you would definitely smell great, as the scent doesn't carry far, and isn't strong.

Apricot Fairy Floss Skin Glossing Oil - "Spun vanilla sugar, apricot essence"

I had heard rave reviews about this particular scent from the summer collection, that I had to get something in it. And boy oh boy, doesn't this smell wonderful! It's just like apricot with a hint of sweet sugar, almost like an apricot cotton candy, if there is such a thing. Apricot fairy floss is an apt name for this scent, wearing it, I feel as if there were fairies, they would be attracted to this fragrance. So lovely, I cannot recommend this scent enough if you ever get a chance to try it.

Fairgrounds & Fireworks Skin Glossing Oil - "Freshly squeezed lemonade sweetened with blackberry syrup and a wisp of fairy floss"

It can be difficult to get a good blackberry scent in a product, but this just nails the blackberry lemonade scent perfectly. At first whiff, you get the blackberry, then you can get the tang of the lemonade, and then at the very end is the hint of fairy floss. Which I can only pick out because of the Apricot Fairy Floss scent, but it's just a mild sweetness at the very end. Seriously, I cannot stress enough how awesome these fruit scents are, if you like fruity fragrances, Haunt is reinventing them. They are accurate and not at all artificial smelling.

Mother-Of-Pearl Sugar Polish - "Pink watermelon slices, Tahitian vanilla bean, jasmine sambac absolute, pink pepper, sea water, Egyptian musk and driftwood"

This sugar scrub is quite thick, but I love the scent, and the pearl glitter added to the top.  I think Erin has a way with authentic fruit scents, that don't smell fake. This just smells like a fresh watermelon, that isn't that traditional fake watermelon scent most things have. The only downside I see to this product, is that the label is not water resistant, so if you left this in the shower the label would eventually wear off. But I love the giant 7 ounce jar this comes in, and the scrub is very moisturizing, and not too abrasive.

Overall, I am really happy with my first Haunt Beguiling order, I would buy again, and recommend it to anyone who knows what kinds of scents they like. Since there aren't sample sizes, you have to be willing to just jump in and get a few things to try. I just wish there was some kind of permanent collection always available so everyone could get a chance to try these products. And how beautiful is the packaging and those labels? She designs and draws them herself, and they are just so stunning! Erin has said there will not be a Halloween/Fall collection, so I really have no idea when she'll have more products for sale, probably not until the winter collection. If you're interested still, I would suggest following her Facebook page, for more collection updates. 

Have you ever tried the Haunt Beguiling products? If you haven't, which scent would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love her Lip Lust products and I highly recommend trying those next time they are available! I have "Snow Cone" from the summer collection in my pocket right now! I was hoping she would sell a Halloween collection this year but sadly she isn't.

    1. Ooh good to know, thanks! I heard that they were good, but weren't anything special so I didn't order any. But now I know to grab some for next time!


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