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December 9, 2014

Indie Subscription: Hello Waffle November 2014 Visage Review

Because indie subscriptions are getting more and more prevalent lately, I've made the executive decision to move the reviews for them to the weekdays. It may change when they are posted based on when they arrive, when I have a chance to swatch them, etc., but for now I'm aiming for Tuesdays/Thursdays. I will soon be subscribed to 5 indie subs a month, so moving them to the weekdays, will leave plenty of time for the regular indie reviews to stay on the weekends. And more time for me to get through some of my backlog!

It's always awesome when a great indie company offers a monthly subscription box, because they're always fun and totally worth the value. Last month, Hello Waffle Cosmetics opened up the Visage subscription, which is a box of items for your whole face, including lips, eyes, and cheeks. It's $25/month, shipping is included, and comes with full size and mini products.

Hello Waffle is another indie cosmetics company specializing in beautiful eyeshadow collections, blushes, made by Christine, the owner. Hello Waffle is based in Canada, and currently has collections inspired by Fringe, famous musical composers, cats/literature, and a collection celebrating reaching 1000 Facebook likes. She also offers seasonal collections that can be purchased in the season they are inspired by.

Last month's Visage also included a product from Life's Entropy, which is also a newer indie brand who specializes in lip tar-like Lip Theories, eyeshadow, and other face products.

This indie subscription box is a little different from some of the others, because the products actually go up for sale separately for a little while, so you can get extras if you really loved a certain product, or for people who didn't subscribe. However, if you were to order everything separately it would be more expensive because shipping wouldn't be included like it is with the Visage.

Shipping - This was shipped on the 5th of the month, but it didn't have tracking because it was under the $70 order threshold. I waited and waited, while everyone else seemed to get theirs before me, even though mine happened to ship in the first batch of subscriptions. I actually had to contact Christine because mine never arrived. She offered to send me another, and it arrived 4 days after it was sent from Canada to California. So the alternate title to this review is, Customs Suck: A Hello Waffle Visage Journey.

Product Size - Everything was full size in this month's box except the blush, which was a halfling mini. It's been stated that this subscription will be a combination of mini and full size items.

Free Samples - There were no free samples included with this subscription.

I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer under all the swatches except for the blush.

I had to include a few packaging photos, it was so adorably wrapped! November's Visage theme was based on the fairytale The Summer and Winter Garden by the Brothers Grimm. In the fairytale, rose is a prominent theme, so the products this month were dusty rose and mauve tones.

I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the info card this month, but it was very informative. It explained the theme, why the colors were chosen, the names and descriptions of all the products, value of each item, ingredients of each item, the total box value, as well as the entire fairytale on the back of the card. I really like this format, this is all of the kind of information I like getting when subscribing to an indie sub.

Hello Waffle Beast - ($6) "Dark purple-toned brown. Leans slightly gray."

This shade was almost completely matte, but with a little bit of sheen to it. It blended really well which was great, since I used it as the crease and outer v color. 

Hello Waffle Eight Days - ($6) "Satin warm rose."

Another almost matte shade, I love this hue. And of course it blended incredibly well, and could be used for so many different looks.

Hello Waffle Garden - ($6) "Light warm dusty pink shimmer with purple sparks."

This was really sparkly, it's definitely got little flecks of glitter. You could use this all over the lid, or like I did as a brow and inner corner highlight.

Hello Waffle Winter Rose - ($5.25) "Rose-toned blush with a subtle cool violet sheen."

Oh my gosh this blended like a dream and it does not take much to get it to show up as much as it does in my complete look photo below. I just love the Hello Waffle blushes! I especially like that it has a sheen as opposed to glitter because I still haven't decided how I feel about glitter in my blush. 

Life's Entropy Tundra - ($8) "A warm peachy mlbb (my lips but better) shade."

For some reason the photo of the tube of this just couldn't get to be completely accurate, but the lip swatch is definitely accurate. I think this shade could lean too peachy to be a my lips but better for a lot of people, but if you use a light hand it definitely could be. Once you start going heavy on the application it's much more of a peach-y pink shade. I really like the formula of these, they are comfortable to wear, not completely matte, but also not glossy either. Just a great comfortable lip product to wear. 

Let's get up really close so you can see all of my eyebrow hairs!

The shadows blend like a dream! And that blush! Sigh.

Oh hey there weird hair, ignore that, I put on too much hair oil today. Whoops.

For the look I used:

  • Face - Miguhara BP Cream as a face primer and then Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 01 applied with a Beauty Blender
  • Lips - Tundra applied with the applicator it came with.
  • Cheeks - Winter Rose blush
  • Eyes - Beast in the outer v, crease, and lower lash line. Eight Days all over lid, inner lower lash line, and used as a transition shade above the crease. Garden as the brow highlight, inner corner highlight, and over the top of Eight Days on the lid. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara on my lashes.

Overall, this month's Hello Waffle Visage had a total value of $31.25 which I think is great considering I paid $25, and shipping from Canada was included. And the look all the products created is really beautiful, and such a staple rosy look. I can totally imagine myself wearing this again and again, and it's so great that I can bring these 5 products to B's house and have a lot of combinations to wear, but also everything I need. I'm already loving this subscription, I can't wait to see December's!

Customer Service - I had a big issue with my Visage for November, namely the original one never arrived! Which of course is not Christine's fault, it got lost or something, who knows, customs decided they needed some sparkly eyeshadow. She had saved some extras in case this happened. I waited almost 4 weeks to see if it would arrive, and then she sent another one for me. She was always very quick to reply to my emails, and actually gave me a generous discount code to use because of the trouble I was having getting my Visage, that was completely out of either of our hands.

Availability - The individual products were available for sale until November 30th, but because of the delay in getting mine, they are now gone. The subscription slots open on the 29th of each month for the next month's box, which this has also passed for December, but in January the slots will hopefully be open again.

Overall Satisfaction - I loved the look created by the products this month, and the products are great quality. I don't think I can pick a favorite since they all go together so well. I'll definitely be continuing my subscription for the Visage.

About the Visage subscription:
  • Contains products for your whole face
  • Contains mini and full size products
  • $25/month, shipping is included
  • Subscriptions open on the 29th, and are shipped on the 5th
  • Products to buy separately go up on the 15th and are sold until the end of the month

What did you think of this month's Hello Waffle Visage? Let me know in the comments!

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