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January 20, 2015

Indie Subscription: Hello Waffle January 2015 Visage Review

My January Hello Waffle Visage box arrived and I couldn't wait to check out the products in the box this month! I was also excited because this is my first full size blush from Hello Waffle and I was curious about the size of the jar compared to the halfling jars. This month also features a new kind of product, which is made to go over an eyeshadow to give it extra sparkle. I've had this box for a little while, but delayed the post just because I wasn't sure how I wanted to do the look.

AboutHello Waffle is an indie cosmetics company specializing in beautiful eyeshadow collections, blushes, made by Christine, the owner. Hello Waffle is based in Canada, and currently has collections inspired by Archer, Fringe, famous musical composers, cats/literature, and a collection celebrating reaching 1000 Facebook likes. She also offers seasonal fairytale inspired collections that can be purchased in the season they are inspired by.

Ok, I have to mention something. The label art this month and last month is a little strange. I get that it's supposed to go with the theme, but having a guy staring back at you on an eyeshadow jar is a little creepy. I am sure there are plenty of other things the art could depict that would relate to the theme and the inspiration story, but a picture of a man is not what I would like on the labels every month. I hope going forward that there is something on the jar that doesn't feel like it's looking at me, or judging me for how much eyeshadow I own...I get enough of that from B!

Shipping - The box always ships on the 5th of the month, and this month's arrived on the 9th, 4 days later via USPS from Canada to California.

Product Size - Almost everything this month was full size, with the exception of the Fairy Dust Overshadow, which is a mini.

Free Samples - There were no free bonus samples this month.

All eyeshadows were swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer. Blush swatch is done over bare skin and blended out.

Here's how the box came packaged this month. It didn't look as presentable this month as some of the others, the ribbon is just straight taped together. But ribbon is expensive, so I totally get it.

The info card this month, the theme is inspired by a Japanese fairytale called Momotaro, or the Story of the Son of a Peach.

Oni Island - ($6) "Dark midnight navy, with copper sheen and sparks."

I don't know if I have many dark navy shadows in my collection, but this one is especially sparkly. It blends out to look mostly black though.

Saru - ($6) "Warm shimmering peach."

The swatch looks similar to how this looks once you foil it, which is what I did for my look. I tried putting it on without foiling it, and it didn't quite live up to the beautiful swatch. I love the peachy pink shade of this shadow.

Kiji Fairy Dust Overshadow - ($3.50) "Shimmery pink/peach glitterbomb with gold, copper, and red sparks."

The info card recommends putting this over glitter glue, but I just swatched this with primer. It's meant to go over other shadows, but I just used it over some glitter glue in the inner corner for my look.

Inu - ($8.50) "A warm orange/peach with a slight amount of shimmer."

Admittedly, I was a little worried about this blush being a little too orange toned, but it just looks beautiful once it's on your cheeks. It just adds a lovely glow to my skin, and I had no trouble with using too much. I'm so used to just barely using any blush, that even when I thought it would be too much, it ended up being the perfect amount.

Victorian Disco Cosmetics Momotaro Lip Gloss - ($8.50) "Shimmery orange-peach."

I am surprised to see Victorian Disco in two indie subs this month considering she has closed up shop for the time being, and will only be selling her products through third parties, including Shiro Cosmetics. I have a couple eyeshadow collections from Victorian Disco I reviewed here, but I never got a chance to try their lip products. This light pinky coral shade has some sparkle in it, and I like the color it showed up as. The only downside was that it took quite a few swipes to get it to look this way. I probably dipped the applicator into the tube over 15 times to get enough product out. The texture of the gloss wasn't sticky at all though, so that was a nice bonus.

My blending skills aren't the best, but here's my look! It's so hard to get blush right for these look photos because in person, the blush will look plenty dark, but once you get in front of the camera it can get hard to see. But the Inu blush is just perfect, I think it's the perfect peach blush shade.

A close up of the look, the blending could use some work, but since I foiled Saru, it can be hard to blend it once that has set.

For the look I used:
  • Face -
    • Miguhara BP Cream
    • Clinique Superbalanced Foundation in shade Breeze
  • Lips -
    • Victorian Disco Momotaro Lip Gloss
  • Cheeks -
    • Hello Waffle Inu
  • Eyes -
    • NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base primer
    • Hello Waffle Saru
    • Hello Waffle Oni Island
    • Hello Waffle Kiji
    • Hello Waffle Snickers
    • Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me
    • Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix
    • Vasanti Kajal Extreme Eyeliner in Electric Navy

Overall, this month's Visage had a total value of $32.50 and I thought the look all the products created was just beautiful. It's so amazing to me that the products on their own can be just ok, but once you bring everything together it creates just a romantic, beautiful, everyday look. I think that's one of my favorite things about the Visage, is that on it's own, the products are pretty, but bring them all together, and they are just stunning. And you can create many different looks with all the products together as well. Even though this is the most expensive indie subscription I'm subscribed too, I just can't get enough. I don't think I would ever cancel unless money got really tight. My favorite product this month was probably Hello Waffle Inu. It's such a staple peachy blush color, that I think I'll be wearing it a lot.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding a problem with my box this month.

Availability - This month's products are available for purchase here, with the exception of the lip gloss, until January 31st and then they are gone for good.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite product this month was Inu. I will definitely be continuing my subscription as I think this may be my favorite indie sub I am subscribed to.

What did you think of this month's Hello Waffle Visage? Let me know in the comments!

About the Visage subscription:
  • Contains products for your whole face
  • Contains mini and full size products
  • $25/month, shipping is included
  • Subscriptions open on the 29th, and are shipped on the 5th
  • Products to buy separately go up on the 15th and are sold until the end of the month

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