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January 24, 2015

Indie Weekends: Aromaleigh Brilliant Deductions Collection Review

The Aromaleigh Brilliant Deductions collection is inspired by the tv show, Sherlock. I've had this collection sitting here waiting to be swatched and reviewed for too long, so I thought I should get it done! It's frequently on sale, and it seems to have won the vote for the next collection to get the new deluxe sample jars made available for purchase. These should be available during the first half of February.

AboutAromaleigh opened back in 1998, and was one of the first indie cosmetic companies to be started. Kristen is the owner, and is based in South Carolina. They offer a few fandom related collections, including Hannibal, Sherlock, and the Hunger Games, but most of their collections are historically and mythologically inspired. The monthly Ephemera subscription began January 2015.

Shipping - I ordered this month's ago, but it shipped 3 days after I ordered, and arrived in 3 days via USPS from South Carolina to California.

Product Size - This collection is available in either sample size, or full size. It was winning the vote Aromaleigh held for the next collection to make available in their new deluxe sample jars (minis), so that will be available soon. I decanted my sample bags into jars for photography purposes.

Free Samples - I always receive 4 samples in every order, one of which is always the color of the month shade.

All swatches done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer.

Alone Is What I Have - "A muted teal frost with soft grey undertones and bright sparks of chartreuse and silver."

This is a pretty not-too-in-your-face blueish teal with silver sparkles.

Bitterness Is Paralytic - "A plush warm green with fine lemon yellow shimmer and bright silvery sparks."

This is like a lemon lime green shade, with a few silver sparkles, and not much sheen.

Brainy Is The New Sexy - "A very smooth English rose frost with golden highlights and tiny copper shimmers."

This is a rosy pink with a very slight golden sheen. I would probably pair this with Password Protected.

Codes & Ciphers - "A rich purplish grey with overall iridescent shimmers of peach and rose."

This looked more like a blueish grey to me, with blue sparkles.

Damaged & Delusional - "A smooth plush burgundy wine frost with a striking gold highlight."

I really loved this shade, it's so smooth! It looked like a burgundy with a copper highlight. Very beautiful, I would love wearing this with Nicotine Patch.

Experimental Drug - "A rich warm reddish brown with cool silvery iridescence of green, blue and violet."

This shade is a favorite of this collection for good reason. It has a strong blue sheen, and it applied really well too.

Fleeting Impression - "A soft, atmospheric twilight mauve with overall iridescence of gold, green and blue."

This is one of the lightest shades in this collection, I bet you could also make it work as a highlight shade as well. Or paired with Surveillance Status.

Frailty of Genius - "A smokey cocoa frost with shimmering highlights of fuchsia and violet."

This shade looked more like a dirty gray with a slight blue sheen.

Glittering Career - "A deep smokey grey with russet/violet tones and overall fine pink highlight shimmer."

This shadow looks more like a really deep purple with purple and blue sparkles.

High-Functioning Sociopath - "A lush smoked navy blue with bright and saturated sparks of sapphire blue."

I saw this shadow as more of a smoky dark gray with lots of blue sparkles. I love the description of the sparks being sapphire blue, they were really stunning!

How Quaint - "A soft dove grey with violet-blue tones, and tiny shimmers of cobalt blue and copper."

Out of all 21 shades in this collection, this one was the most patchy, but you can see it's not even that noticeable. A light gray with blue sparkles.

Lucky Cat Emporium - "A smooth cinnabar frost with bright shades of jade green."

Ahh my arch nemesis, orange eyeshadow! Actually, I kind of liked this one, it almost looks like rust, with tons of green sparkle. I definitely like this more than other orange shadows I've swatched, it's quite striking.

My Only Weakness - "A strong weathered gold with olive and khaki tones and tiny borealis shimmer."

This shade was like an olive green with a strong gold sheen. It looked more stunning in person, but still doesn't stack up to some of my favorite olive greens, which happen to be from Aromaleigh.

Nicotine Patch - "A warm brown frost with iridescent gold and rose effects, and brilliant sparks of teal and blue."

This shade is kind of a mix between brown and gold, with lots of blue sparkles.

Password Protected - "A muted warm mauve with coppery iridescence and bright golden sparks."

I had hoped the base shade would show up more with this shade, but I like the look it gives. It makes it look like a golden shadow with a slight purplish undertone to it.

Psychosomatic Limp - "A smooth liquid metallic bronze with rose tones and bright sparks of green."

A very pretty bronzy color, but nothing really that makes it stand apart from other shadows that look similar. But the formula of these shadows is always top notch.

Pupils Dilated - "A frosted periwinkle blue with an intense golden iridescence and bright lemon gold highlight shimmer."

This was like a grayish light blue shade with a gold sheen. I bet this would look nice with any of the blues or gray shades from this collection.

Recreational Scolding - "A vibrant medium grape purple with subtle aqua iridescence."

I like the description for this one, grape purple is a good name for this shadow. It had like a greenish blue sheen to it as well.

Sooo Changeable - "A smooth taupe frost with golden highlights and interference shimmer of green and blue."

This was kind of a taupe brown with a green overlay, and gold sheen. An interesting neutral that borders on looking several different shades.

Spectacularly Ignorant - "A deep low-sheen evergreen with brilliant sparks of warm yellow gold and cool silver."

This is a deep green, with a slight blueish lean, and lots of gold shimmer. I like this shade, because typically this kind of color would have a black base, but this one doesn't look black. It looks like it is green through and through.

Surveillance Status - "A smooth saturated dark purple with lush rose and violet iridescence, and smoke tones."

This was a velvety dark purple with a slight pink sheen and blue sparks. I would love to pair this with Experimental Drug.

Overall, this is a huge collection, with a lot of variety. Even though Aromaleigh tends to have very large collections, and this one is no different, the shades go well together. Nothing looks too similar to another shade. Those that do look similar are usually very versatile neutrals. Then every now and then you get a bright pop of color. They do collections very well, they always feel well thought out, and like certain shades are made to go together. My favorite shades were probably Damaged & Delusional and Password Protected. 

The shadows are all very good quality as well, which is always how Aromaleigh shadows are. I feel like I've swatched so many average quality shadows lately, that having this collection all with high quality formula products, is refreshing. It's also one of the few collections that the shadow names aren't latin or hard to pronounce! These names are much more memorable. I can't wait to see what kinds of looks I can come up with for these shadows, this is definitely a very multifaceted collection that is worth taking a look at. Especially with the new deluxe sample jars soon to be available to purchase for these shades.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my order.

Availability - This is a limited edition collection, and it's unclear when it will eventually go away. But I think it will be around for the foreseeable future since it received the most votes for being the next collection to get the deluxe samples.

Overall Satisfaction - I really enjoyed this collection, my favorite shades were Damaged & Delusional and Password Protected. I've got a few more Aromaleigh collections still to review, so look for those coming soon.

What did you think of the Aromaleigh Brilliant Deductions collection? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Aromaleigh's collections are always overwhelming for me, but there are some super pretty colors here. I really like Password Protected and Alone is What I Have.


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