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January 9, 2015

Memebox Global #18 Review

This is my last and final Memebox that I have purchased, but I still have a backlog of older ones to review. I will definitely be getting to those eventually, maybe 1 or 2 a week, but I don't plan on buying any more since you may have heard Memebox is moving away from doing boxes to instead focus on creating their own cosmetics. This is just something I am not interested in, and I have a large enough stash that I probably don't need any more skincare products for years. So, this is the not so final end since I have others to still review, here's the Memebox Global #18!

This was shipped Standard shipping and arrived in 15 days from Korea to California and was delivered via USPS.

Purederm Shower Jelly in 01 Brightening Milk - (100g full size/$6)

Product description: "Jelly-textured products are in-trend these days, but have you ever seen a shower gel designed into a pudding-like, jelly visual? Purederm's Shower Jelly comes in two options - Brightening Milk and Cooling Mint - each catered to different skincare needs yet both extremely gentle and non-stimulating in formula. The fine bubbles, which can be easily created with simple lathering, penetrate deep into skin and wash away all dirt, oil, and impurities and leave skin clean and fresh. It leaves a nice and subtle fragrance which helps to alleviate and refresh your spirits as well."

How to use: "Place the Shower Jelly into the bubbling net provided and soak it with water. Lather well and gently massage it all over the body. Rinse off with water."

My thoughts: I've actually been wanting to try a shower jelly recently, so this is great timing to get. I think I would have been happy with either option for scents. I don't really understand the bubbling net part, if you're supposed to put the whole thing in the net, or only put a little in at a time.

Dr. MJ Bee Tox Control Cream - (55ml full size/$50)

Product description: "Repair and renew with Dr. MJ's Bee Tox Control Cream rich in skin-repairing agents bee venom, propolis extracts, tea tree leaf water, rosemary extracts, and calendula extracts. It'll soothe, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin damaged or stimulated from external environment by creating a protective moisture barrier over and retaining moisture and nutrition within the skin."

How to use: "Apply the cream evenly over clean face at the very last stage of skincare routine. Massage it in for full absorbance."

My thoughts: This product is a duplicate for me, I already received this in another box. I haven't even opened the first one, so I'll probably trade this or give it away.

echoice Hand Therapy in Cherry Blossom & Shea Butter - (60g full size/$2)

Product description: "Infused with shea butter and rose or cherry blossom extracts, this nourishing hand cream from echoice leaves hands dramatically softer and suppler, and your hands will smell of sweet floral garden all day long."

How to use: "Massage the hand cream into clean hands until full absorbed. Reapply as needed."

My thoughts: I think the one thing I won't miss about getting Memeboxes all the time will be no more hand cream I don't want. They seem to send a different one in just about every box, and I never use them. This will probably just go in my stash and then I'll see if my mom wants any of them.

Puresmile Animal Point Pad in Pineapple - (17ml full size/$1)

Product description: "This is a point mask pad perfect for moisturizing and soothing dry, stimulated or troublesome part of your face and body in one easy 15 minute treatment. It's formulated with a rich blend of guava or pineapple extracts, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and natto gum."

How to use: "Cleanse and tone your face. Place the point pads over parts of your face or body that you wish to give special treatments. Remove the sheet pad after 5-10 minutes and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance."

My thoughts: I have a few packages of these point pads now, and they are cute. I haven't had a chance to try any of them yet, but pineapple sounds good.

Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream - (15ml x 3 sample size/$38)

Product description: "This is a gentle, moisture-rich facial cream formulated specifically to soothe and repair damaged skin and to prevent any further stimulation or damage with a protective moisture barrier. Deeply replenish and nourish your skin this cold season with Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream!"

How to use: "Squeeze out the formula from its tube and spread it evenly over clean face. Gently pat it in with clean hands for full absorbance."

My thoughts: It seems a little strange to give us 3 of these sample sizes that almost amount to almost a full size, but I guess Memebox got a bunch of samples for cheap. It's also a little weird to get another cream in the same box, but these will be nice for travel. I'd much rather take one of these than my big jar of cream I currently use. And I might actually have to do that considering when I go to B's I never take a cream with me, he'll be upset though, he hates it when I go to bed with skincare stuff on my face.

Touch By Lee Kyung Min Extreme Shield Master - (2.2ml full size/$46)

Product description: "Lee Kyung Min is a Korean creative director famous for her winter skincare beauty class and the secret to premium skincare fit for the colder, drier seasons. This Extreme Shield Master is a magical ampoule enriched with essence type oil components for instant moisture surge. It effectively calms and takes care of white flakes and visible dead skin cells evident on dry, roughened skin suffering from piercing winter winds."

How to use: "Use the attached silicon brush tip of the ampoule to gently dab the formula over dry and flaky spots of the face. Suitable to be used under or over makeup."

My thoughts: I really don't understand why this tiny product would have such a high value, but I guess it would be interesting to try. I don't really get dry spots on my face like I used to before I started my current skincare routine, but I might find a use for this.

Overall, the Global #18 box had a total value of $143 and this was an ok last purchased box. Nothing wowed me, there was one duplicate, which happened to be the highest valued item. The shower jelly seems fun, but I have so many other body washes I just don't know how I'll ever get to it. I actually do want to use the Derma Lift travel sized creams though, those will come in handy.

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  1. Girl, that bee-tox cream is the best product I got in a Memebox this year! I bought this box too, so I'm thrilled to get it again because if you try to find it anywhere it's like $65. It's a lovely cream with a light texture but it feels so nice on my face. I just love it so much. I really think you should try it before you give it away. Or just give it to me. Whichever. 😊 I'm putting together my favorite products of 2014 and this one made the list!

    1. Haha good to know, I almost opened it the last time I needed a new cream, but picked something else with a sooner expiration date!


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