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January 10, 2015

Indie Weekends: Life's Entropy Cosmos Lipstick Collection Review

Life's Entropy had a Black Friday sale with some brand new products and collections. I couldn't pass up the Cosmos limited edition Lip Theory Satin Lipsticks collection, and I wanted to try one of her new Brow Theory Pomades. I purchased enough to get the limited gift with purchase Chaos mini Lip Theory for purchases $35+. I spent the last week testing out all of the products to review for you!

AboutLife's Entropy is a fairly new indie brand, owned by Jane, and located in New York. They specialize in eyeshadows, lip tar-like products, contour and other face products. Jane also frequently likes to create dupes of other big brand products colors and formulas.

Shipping - I ordered right when the products went up for Black Friday, and my order shipped 32 days later via USPS. It arrived 3 days later from New York to California.

Product Size - The lipsticks were available in full size tube or mini sample sizes. The Brow Theory Pomade was available in a full size jar, or sample clamshell.

Free Samples - I received one eyeshadow sample free with my order.

All lipsticks swatched over bare lips, straight from the tube, no clean up.

Supernova - "Rosy mauve"

This shade is supposed to be a dupe for NARS Anna. I really like this shade. I've never had many lip products with this sort of "my lips but better" mauve tone to them, but this is just perfect. It looks great when you're doing an understated makeup look for the day, and want to look professional and classy. It's a perfect everyday lipstick.

Milky Way - "Pinky brown"

This is supposed to be a dupe for MAC Soar. This shade is kind of hard to describe, not really pinky brown, but more of a warm toned pink, leaning orange-ish. That's not even really accurate either, but it's very pretty. Still not too dark, it's light enough to be worn daily, to work, or anywhere you want to look professional. But also not light enough that it wouldn't look beautiful at night as well.

Flux - "Rich burgundy"

This shade is supposed to be close to NARS Charlotte. This is a beautiful red lipstick, I wore this New Year's Eve and it lasted all night. Through multiple beers and glass of champagne. It does feather a little, most of these lipsticks do so it might be good to wear a clear liner or lip primer with them. This is the perfect dramatic red lipstick for anyone's collection. It's cool toned enough to not make your teeth look yellow either.

Plasma - "Deep berry"

I love love love this shade. This may be my favorite one. It seems to be the easiest one to get crisp lines with, and had the least amount of feathering. It's dramatic enough for night time, holidays, or parties. I would wear this shade anytime just because I don't care when you're supposed to wear certain colors. If you were looking for a dark berry shade for fall and winter and never found the right one, this is it.

Blackbody - "Deep aubergine"

This is supposed to be close to NARS Train Bleu. This shade is quite a bit darker on than I imagined it would be. It's definitely a dark eggplant shade, leaning black. I haven't quite found the right occasion to wear this one yet, it's the only one I didn't wear out and about. But I bet if you blotted this and made it matte it would be flattering to wear at night if you're scared of really dark lipsticks.

Chaos - "Fuchsia berry"

This was the gift with purchase mini Lip Theory that came with Black Friday orders $35+. I'm really glad I spent the money to get this, because I love the Lip Theories in this mini tube form. The doe foot applicator makes it really easy to apply, and the shade is just stunning. I actually ate a burrito with this on, and it lasted quite well. Most of the middle of my lips was mostly gone, but the rest was still there. I would say the Lip Theory didn't last as well as the lipsticks, but still had good longevity.

Here are some derpy photos I took wearing some of the products. I was over at B's so I only had my phone camera with me. In this photo I'm wearing the Brow Theory in Medium Brown very lightly, and Chaos. Be assured that my swatch of Chaos is much more accurate than this photo. This was before I ate a burrito.

Here's in the poorly lit burrito place, after I ate a burrito. You can see Chaos is no longer glossy, and it's come off a little in the middle. When I checked in the mirror in the car, there was actually less than it looks in this photo. But it stayed on pretty well for a burrito!

Brow Theory in Medium Brown -

I originally ordered the full size since the samples weren't available when I ordered. I only received the sample size, and had to email to get the full size I ordered. The sample size doesn't look like much, but you barely need any product on your brush with the Brow Theory, you have to be really careful not to go too bold!

Quick hand swatches of the Medium Brown Brow Theory. You don't need much product to get it opaque.

On the left brow is the Brow Theory in Medium Brown, and on the right bare brow for comparison. I applied it a little too dark, but the product is so pigmented you need just a dab on your brush to get each brow done. I was contemplating getting the Light Brown shade to mix, but I haven't decided yet how I feel about the shade since it is so pigmented.

Overall, I love the Cosmos lipsticks, and the Chaos gift with purchase. I am so glad I bought the full sizes early, because they are limited and will only be available through January 31st. They seem like a popular and good enough quality product to be permanent, so I don't really understand why they are not. Even if they do take a lot of time to make, I would love if Jane just made small batches of them, sold through the inventory, and then repeat. I think I love them more than the Lip Theories I've tried. In other words, if you didn't buy any of the Cosmos lipsticks over the holidays, run to get them when Jane reopens! They are some of the highest quality lipsticks I've tried, indie or not. They dry fairly matte, but do not dry out your lips. They are very moisturizing, and have great staying power. I could eat a burrito with some of the shades, and it would transfer a little, but they were so pigmented I still had enough lipstick left on my lips. Same with drinking glasses, it transferred, but left enough on my lips to make it look like nothing came off. My favorite lipstick shades were Supernova and Plasma, but really I will use all of the shades constantly.

The Brow Theory shade I got might be slightly too dark for me, but if I just use the tiniest bit I think I can make it work. I would recommend trying the samples first because they don't look like they have a lot, but you don't need much for your brows. And for some people you might want the look of two shades mixed together. I might try the Light Brown just to see how it looks. I've never tried the Anastasia Dip Brow, so I don't know how it compares formula-wise, but the Brow Theory Pomade has lasting power, and doesn't budge after it dries.

EDIT: I wanted to make a note about the packaging of the lipsticks. The plastic of the tubes feels very cheap. They look nice from afar, but feel like cheap easily breakable plastic. However, I threw these in my travel bag for a week, they rattled around next to my other makeup, and not once did the caps come off. The lipstick tube packaging might not be the nicest quality, but I will say that you shouldn't be worried about traveling with them, they held up incredibly well. No scratches on the tubes that I noticed either.

Customer Service - I received a sample size of the Brow Theory instead of the full size I ordered, so I emailed Jane and quickly received a response, and she sent out the correct product which arrived in just a few days.

Availability - The Cosmos lipstick collection will be available until January 31st. The Brow Theory Pomades are permanent products. Life's Entropy is supposed to reopen sometime this month.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite lipstick shades were Supernova and Plasma, but I love all of the lipsticks and would highly recommend them to anyone. I want to try some of Life's Entropy contour, other face products, and Lip Theories after she reopens.

What did you think of Life's Entropy's Cosmos Collection? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. How much did each of these lipsticks cost? Did you have a chance to wear them for a day to see how well they hold up? I'm really interested because these are my kinda colors. :)

    1. I don't remember the individual cost because I got a discounted set. And I mentioned I wore them all day :)


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