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April 10, 2015

Indies of the Week: Hello Waffle Finishing Powder + Darling Girl Happy Slapsgiving Review

For this week's Indies of the Week post, I have two products to review. One is a favorite of mine, and the other was a recent gift I received. Hello Waffle's Finishing Powder is a product I use almost every time I do my makeup. And Darling Girl's Happy Slapsgiving lipstick is something I just recently was gifted and even though it is no longer available, I had to swatch and review it. If I'm not reviewing a product, sometimes it can take me forever to try it, and I wanted to try it as soon as possible!

AboutHello Waffle is an indie cosmetics company specializing in beautiful eyeshadow collections, blushes, made by Christine, the owner. Hello Waffle is based in Canada, and currently has collections inspired by Archer, Fringe, famous musical composers, cats/literature, and a collection celebrating reaching 1000 Facebook likes. She also offers seasonal fairytale inspired collections that can be purchased in the season they are inspired by.

Darling Girl Cosmetics is an indie cosmetics company, owned by Susan, who specializes in some fandom eyeshadow collections, blush, glitter, bases and primers, and lip products. They currently have collections inspired by My Little Pony, Orange is the New Black, Big Bang Theory, Hunger Games, Ghostbusters, and many more.

Product Size - The Finishing Powder is available in sample, mini jar, or full size form. I have the mini size for the photo. And Happy Slapsgiving was only available in full size for the time it was on sale.

Hello Waffle Finishing Powder -

It's kind of hard to get a swatch of a translucent powder, but this powder is meant to be used to absorb any excess oil on your face, set your makeup, and add a bit of a soft glow to your face. I have the mini jar here, but I am definitely thinking of upgrading to a full size jar for the convenience. If you look closely at the powder swatched or on your skin, there's a tiny bit of shimmer to it, which gives you a very subtle all over glow. I cannot stress enough how subtle it is, you can only see it if you're looking really closely. Because of this bit of reflective property, if you're wearing this powder in flash photography, it will show up as white splotches over your face. It's best to only wear this when you know you will not be photographed with a flash.

As far as the oil absorbing properties go, I find it works well. My chin is my oiliest part of my face, and it did need a reapplication halfway through the day. The rest of my face did not need reapplication, a very thin dusting was enough. My skin tends to be on the dry side so I usually only use this on my T-zone, but I didn't find that it showed my dry patches too much when I used it all over.

Darling Girl Happy Slapsgiving - 

This lipstick was available during Black Friday, and stuck around for a while after until it was finally removed from the shop. You can see the product itself is quite messy in the tube. If you have one of these and by chance haven't used it yet, a warning it doesn't seem to go back down. I do like the style of tube, it makes it easier to be precise with the lines. The lipstick is a nice consistency, but does cling to some dry patches a tiny bit. Nothing too noticeable though. It did feather a tiny bit as well, but again nothing too noticeable. The color is like a dark berry shade, although I thought it would be a touch darker from what I remember of the website swatches. It's nice though, not too dark to be inappropriate for certain events or seasons. But I have to say I have a few other lipsticks in this shade that I think I like better.

Availability - The Finishing Powder is a permanent product, but the lipstick is no longer available for purchase.

Recommendation - I would definitely recommend the Finishing Powder if you're looking for a makeup setting powder, or oil absorbing powder. Since Happy Slapsgiving is no longer available, I would say if you have it in your stash and haven't tried it yet, it may be worth giving a shot if you like the swatch. But I don't know if it would be worth getting in a destash, it's not unique enough to covet.

What did you think of Hello Waffle's Finishing Powder and Darling Girl's Happy Slapsgiving? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Slapsgiving looks great on you!!

    And thank you for reviewing the finishing powder, that's one of those things that I'm always on the fence about buying.

    1. Thank you! I just had to review it, I really love the finishing powder. Definitely worth trying!


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