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May 29, 2015

Indies of the Week: Shiro Cosmetics New Leaf, Glosses, and Contour Shades Review

I haven't quite decided if all of my Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadows will be an Indies of the Week post, or if I'll wait to get the whole collection and do a full review. However, I did have a few random products I know people have been looking forward to seeing swatches for, so I wanted to get those out there for today's Indies of the Week review!

Completely ignore the 5 year anniversary shadow, I took a photo of it, and then forgot to swatch it. Then I decided I'd rather include that with the Colors of the Month post I should be doing next Friday. I have one color that I won't be getting until June, so I want to wait on that.

Product Size - The New Leaf shadows come in sample, mini or full size. Or you can get the set, and they are all full size. The contour shades come in samples or full size. And the glosses are only full size.

All eyeshadow swatches are done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer. Contour powders are done over bare skin and blended out.

Alpaca Picnic - "Soft pinky-red highlight with an extra level of pink shimmer. Like a strawberry layer cake."

I had to get this New Leaf trio, as I put in about 100 hours into the Animal Crossing New Leaf game. This is tempting me to go back and revive my town, as I'm sure everything is dead, and everyone has left haha! But this is a pretty, shiny pink shade with a lighter pink sheen. Very lovely, not anything like what it looks like in the jar.

Canine Help You? - "Dreamy pastel yellow-orange creamsicle base with soft golden shimmer."

I was expecting a much lighter color out of this shade, but it is definitely kind of a yellowish orange-ish gold shade, with a slight orange shimmer. I'm still not completely comfortable with yellows, but I think this will look pretty applied a certain way.

Forever A Loan - "Bright springy mint green with a cool shift, like the shivers up your spine when you hear your remaining balance."

This shade is like green grass with a slight bluish sheen. Very appropriate for spring, this would be absolutely stunning as a liner.

Burn The Heart Out Of You - "Matte cool-toned desaturated mauve."

I have experienced with a couple products that they just oxidize on my skin and turn a graphite metallic gray shade on my skin. I am not sure if it's something on my skin causing it, or my skin chemistry, or what, but that happened with this shade. The resulting color is too gray for me as a contour shade.

Do Your Research - "Cool, matte ashy taupe."

I thought this shade was going to be more gray, but it ended up being like the description states, and like a taupe shade. I don't know if this will work on my skin either, it's a little too warm toned.

Dissever My Soul - "A vibrant berry-magenta tone."

I just featured this shade in my May monthly favorites, and it is a beautiful berry gloss. It's only available through Femme Fatale, but I think it's definitely worth grabbing if you're thinking of making a purchase already. I actually found that this didn't stain too bad, but I haven't tried it on all day yet.

She Was A Child - "Light barbie pink in a milky-pink overlay, with a super sweet scent and super subtle orange shimmer."

I had a really hard time with the application of this, one coat and you couldn't really see it, but any more and it looked streaky and patchy. You can see it sink into the lip lines as well. And I found that this actually stained more than Dissever My Soul. The stain did look really pretty though, it was a bit darker pink. I think if you are fine only wearing one thin coat of this, it's a pretty bubblegum pink shade, but any more and it's kind of a disaster.

Availability - All of these products are currently available for purchase.

Recommendation - I think you need the New Leaf trio if you are an Animal Crossing fan, but even if you're not, they're pretty shadows to at least try out. I just haven't been impressed yet by Shiro's contour shade offerings, I like some of my other brand contours much better. And out of the two glosses, if you can only get one, I'd recommend Dissever My Soul. It was much easier to apply and get opaque than She Was A Child.

What did you think of the Shiro Cosmetics New Leaf trio, exclusive glosses, and new contour shades? Let me know in the comments!

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